"I'm sick of rehabilitation"


Yesterday Paul George received the green light from doctors for his first 5-on-5 contact. He participated in two scrimmages, for his greatest happiness, he who was operated on both shoulders in May.

"It feels good, it's the least we can say. Paul George

He had to do a long rehabilitation and spent his summer at that.

"Honestly it was difficult. I've been doing this since May so I'm sick of rehabilitation. That sucks. But I'm here for a long time. I know what the goal is, despite the fact that I really want to be on the pitch, train and play. Paul George

Until then imitated to the game without contact, he could regente a little at normal playing conditions

"I think some guys have felt their presence on the ground today, that's for sure. They lost the first game, but in the second it was clear that he did not want to lose anymore, even though he was in the second 5. These are good times. »Doc Rivers

"We had our ass kicked in the first game, but we won the second. These guys are in season shape and in good physical condition. So I try to catch up and I still have a long way to go, but it was good to be able to find my first game. Paul George

And the return to competition could be Monday against the Raptors, but Doc Rivers is very very careful, because he may not be physically ready.

"It will take time for him to regain his fitness. When were they eliminated? He has not played since April and is back in November. It's not done yet. I do not know when he'll come back, but I doubt he's playing Monday, but it's a possibility. It's possible, he may play. I do not have the answer. I really do not know. »Doc Rivers

"I still have work. From a health point of view, I feel very good. But the important thing is the pace, especially considering where are the guys now in the season, they are in the rhythm. So I just want the transition to be easy. George


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