In Argentina they surrender to Messi's hat-trick


Messi scored this Saturday his ‘hat-trick’ number 46 and he did it the way only he can. A penalty goal and two free throws marked a magical night for the Argentine who did not go unnoticed in his country. "Spectacular, decisive, key", were some of the words used in Argentina to describe the match of Leo.

The reactions

In the diary note Ole, they say it is no surprise the incredible performance of Argentinian and that is usual for scoring goals. “If it were any other human being, we would have been amazed by the hat-trick and the two free kick goals. But it is Messi. Is Messi, Y Messi It doesn't surprise anymore. ”

Meanwhile in The
Nation they called the party “The Show of Messi”And made it clear that it was decisive to give the team victory.

In the diary Clarion They also saw Leo as the hero of the game and the one who calmed the team, after the last 3-1 defeat in the League against I raised.

Look at Messi's hat-trick

These last two remembered Valverde, highlighting that thanks to the great support of Messi, the coach can be calm after the latest negative results of the team and their decisions on the bench.

In daily Clarion they expressed:Messi it was key to a victory that allows the Barcelona coach to take a breath ”. While The
Nation He also mentioned the fact that the three goals of the Argentinian they helped appease the criticisms towards Valverde and rumors of the arrival of Marcelo
Gallant to the team. "Messi it was decisive for a victory that allows the technician to take a breath Barcelona, Ernesto
Valverde, in a week in which criticisms again worsened and the name of Marcelo
Gallantcoach of River, to replace him in office in the coming months, ”said the newspaper Argentinian.

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