in the field, Donald Trump's show seduces more than his followers


As in all his meetings, Donald Trump comes to the sound of a famous patriotic song of country music. On Monday, November 4, the US president was in Lexington, Kentucky (United States), who voted overwhelmingly for him in 2016. In the crowd, almost exclusively Americans with white skin and many women. Just behind the presidential desk, Deronda Smith, a culinary blogger, tries to attend all her meetings, as a fan would go to all the concerts of her favorite artist. "The great leaders are beasts of the stage, the beasts of the stage make the great leaders and the people are driven by them, fascinated ", the activist believes.

"Greatest President in History"

In his speech, Donald Trump makes little mention of foreign policy, other than the elimination of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. In an hour and a half of speech, few programs, because the program is him and it is always a journey to the firmament of a certain megalomania. "Some people first said 'Trump is the greatest president since Ronald Reagan', then they said 'no, Trump is better than Reagan' and now they say I'm the biggest president in history before George Washington and Abraham Lincoln ", dare to throw the president to the crowd. His stage talent has been a hit with an electorate already acquired.

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