Independent of Miguel Angel Ramirez, acclaimed upon arrival in Quito


Quito, Nov 10 (EFE) .- The Independiente del Valle (IDV), which is directed by Spaniard Miguel Angel Ramirez, arrived in Quito on Sunday after his historic 3-1 victory over the Argentine Colon in the final of the South American Cup and He was received on the airport runway with a water arch in celebration.

The charter flight of Independiente arrived at Mariscal Sucre airport at 11.08 local (16.08 GMT) from Asuncion, where the players were partying until late hours after the victory.

There, at the arrivals terminal, they were received by several hundred fans and family members who gathered, inside and outside the building, to celebrate this triumph, which has turned the grancanario Miguel Angel Ramirez, former coach of UD Las Palmas, in The first Spanish to conquer this title.

His captain, Luis Fernando Leon, has lived in his own flesh, since his signing at age fifteen (today he is 26), the process of transformation of the IDV, almost from the second division until rising with the second continental cup in importance.

"We are 35,000 Argentines against 150 Ecuadorians. We feel crazy there," Leon said shortly before raising the cup to fans in the terminal.

After leaving the airport grounds on a bus without a roof, which was preceded by another vehicle with journalists, the team began a round to the capital for a victory that has been seen as a national success.

This was expressed on Saturday night by Ecuadorian President Lenin Moreno to congratulate the players and the coaching staff.

Other national teams, including Liga de Quito, also joined in the joy.

"Congratulations Independent for getting a new international title for the country! Let the whole country be filled with pride! Objective accomplished!" Indicated the Social League of Quito, the other Ecuadorian team that came to play an international trophy : the Liberators in 2008, the South American in 2009 and the Recopa in 2009 and 2010.

"We are already two!", The Independent replied in another message alluding to these exclusive achievements of Ecuadorian football.

"A dream come true and a joy for all of Ecuador," said also, on Sunday, the player Efren Mera when he went to the media in the terminal.

Along the route from the airport to Quito, about 25 kilometers, there were few Ecuadorians who had concentrated on the roads, perhaps because the new version of the Independiente is too young and has not yet accumulated a mass hobby.

The caravan, which in the area of ​​Cumbaya was forced to dodge some low cables, was surrounded by about twenty motorcyclists and another of cars at its triumphant entrance, although dozens of curious drivers intermittently joined the route. blow their horns while players and fans sang and shouted at the top of the bus.

In Quito itself, it had to pass through one of the main avenues, on December 6, on the way to the historic center and its stadium in the town of Sangolqui, about 30 kilometers southwest of the capital.

Camino de los Valles, where that town is located, the caravan was already joining forces, with the three lanes of descent completely saturated.

The presence of fans with flags of Ecuador and of the Independent, both on the sides of the road and on bridges, was also denser.

In the small stadium of Sangolqui, with a capacity of less than 8,000 people, thousands of followers, and not followers, were concentrated on Saturday during a projected final on the big screen.

There, a party called by the team to celebrate the triumph is scheduled early in the afternoon. EFE

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