Independiente del Valle consolidated for a decade


TO Valley Independent, South American Cup champion, it took him 10 years to consolidate his sports brand in the country and in the region. He did it with a clear and specific philosophy: to train the best football players from the country. Currently, in the complex of Jillo Jillo, 130 youth work looking to reach First.

The integral formation became the main pillar of the club. Five years ago it was created the Independent school of the Valley, which works on the premises of the complex. Hence, five generations of students. Some came to fulfill their sports dream; others are now high school graduates, university students and they have the tools to continue their professional careers.

“The most important thing in training is that the boys go to school. You might have the best player in the Ecuador, but if the boy doesn't go to school he doesn't play, ”he says Michel Deller, leader of the scratched frame.

Independiente del Valle players celebrate with the Copa Sudamericana, a title they won in Paraguay on November 9, 2019.

Independiente del Valle players celebrate with the Copa Sudamericana, a title they won in Paraguay on November 9, 2019. Photo: Independiente del Valle Twitter account

Thus, for example, players of the first team were formed such as Joan Lopez, third goalkeeper, Luis Fernando Leon, Alan Franco, Washington Corozo, Anthony Landazuri, among other youth players who were part of the historic finalist club of the South American Cup.

The club also gave them the opportunity to grow in sports. Footballers trained in Jillo Jillo They arrive at the first team with an important tour of matches. According to Ivan Vasquez, training director, the IDV seeks alliances to take its lower categories to participate in international tournaments.

“Our boys are trained to face the pressure of an international tournament. Before joining the first team, they already accumulate at least 20 matches abroad, ”says Vasquez.

TO Assumption three generations of players trained in the quarries striped. Leon represents the only litter that reached two international finals. He played the Libertadores in 2016 and yesterday he was present in the definition of the South American title, before Colon de Santa Fe.

The defender, 26, wears the captain's band. He won it because of his seniority in the institution. As leader of the scratches, try to welcome the new (mostly foreigners) and the youth players who go up to the first team.

“Leon is the last player left of that generation who had to see the growth of the club since the project began. He is our most experienced youth player, ”says Luis Roggiero, sports manager of the club.

Behind them is another litter that benefited from the institutional growth of the Independent. Angelo Preciado, Bryan Rivera, Anthony Landazuri, Alejandro Cabeza, Alan Franco and Washington Corozo are now the face of a renewed staff that took three years to consolidate. The majority reached the ranks of Sub 14 and Sub 16.

That generation also had a tour international and played a continental final, but of the Sub 20 category. Last year, Independent he was vice champion of the Liberators in Uruguay. Of that team, commanded by Juan Carlos Leon, they went up to Primera Sanchez and Preciado.

The majority of juveniles were promoted thanks to the approval of the Spaniards Miguel Angel Ramirez and Ismael Rescalvo (now DT of Emelec). Between the two they put together the workforce at the end of 2018.

Ramirez was responsible for observing and capturing young talents. He talked with players from Independent Juniors, the striped subsidiary, to give them a chance.

Although there is a solid team, the DT continues to promote talents. In this Cup he played 90 minutes Leonardo Realpe, of 18 years. He was also in banking Lopez, with 17 years.

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