Injured 5 police officers displaced to Barcelona for elections in a clash


Five agents of the National Police from the Santiago de Compostela Police Station displaced to Barcelona as reinforcement on the occasion of the general elections of this November 10 have been injured this Sunday after crashing a vehicle against the police van in which they circulated, whose driver tested positive for breathalyzer.

According to Europa Press sources from the Unified Police Union (SUP) have been informed, the incident took place at 6.30 am on Sunday when a vehicle skipped a stop sign and hit the police van sideways when they were about to take over. After serving the night shift.

The Urban Guard went to the place and subjected the driver of the other tourism to a breathalyzer control in which he obtained a positive result, with 0.54 milligrams of alcohol per liter of air, the same sources have highlighted.

The five injured agents of the Prevention and Reaction Unit displaced from Santiago de Compostela to Catalonia have undergone various medical tests and "are out of danger", have indicated the same sources, which have pointed out that they have bruises and back pain . They are scheduled to be transferred next week to Galicia.

The injured agents had moved on Wednesday, along with other troops from Galicia, to strengthen the police device in Catalonia on the occasion of the general elections this Sunday. On behalf of the SUP they wish "a speedy recovery" to all.


Regarding the situation of police officers displaced from Galicia to Catalonia, the SUP has criticized the "lack of planning and rest conditions to which these agents are subjected." "Yesterday (Saturday) some Units arrived at 23.00 hours at the hotel and the drivers, after leaving the vans in a safe area, stayed around midnight when today (Sunday) at 4.30 they had to be prepared to go look for them again and drive under adverse weather conditions and with very little rest, "said the SUP.

In this regard, this police union has stressed that "the police are doing their best without knowing today, the compensation and gratuities they will receive."

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