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Intellectuals repudiate coup attempt in Bolivia

The Network of Intellectuals in Defense of Humanity in its Argentine chapter left this Saturday to the attempts of destabilization with coup purposes against the sister nation of Bolivia and its reelected president Evo Morales.

In a statement released on the internet, this group that brings together prominent personalities of thought, culture and art, repudiated the maneuvers of the opposition and repeated threats to the figure of Evo, aimed at producing a rupture of the democratic order and an abysmal polarization in society, they alert.

Our network in its Argentine chapter 'expresses its full support for the Bolivian change process and its leader, Evo Morales, as a fundamental actor in this process and as a genuine interpreter of the social movements that have supported them for more than a decade, and that are the true and true protagonists of this process', the text notes.

In their appeal, artists and intellectuals stress that this attempt to overthrow a legitimized president at the polls should be seen as 'a more overlapping, organic and effective maneuver of the imperialist interests of the north over our region and over Bolivia in particular'.

Evo is not alone, remarks the Network, which sends its full support to the legitimate president of Bolivia, his vice president Alvaro Garcia Linera, and all the social movements that shape and legitimize the Plurinational State founded in 2009.

We reaffirm our conviction that no argument at the service of the submerging interests that sank Bolivia throughout its history has a place at this historical moment of enormous regional significance, the statement concludes.

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