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A pioneer of French online commerce is about to be bought by Shopinvest. Launched in 1999 and bought in 2015 by Carrefour, Rue du Commerce is struggling to break even. Shopinvest wants to take up the challenge.

What strategy for Shopinvest?

Carrefour would have received a tender offer sufficiently interesting to decide to separate from Rue du Commerce. According to The echoes, the entire capital could be sold. Shopinvest is a company that was founded in 2011 by Karine Schrenzel. The company is already widely known in the country for having bought Bijourama, Lookeor, or 3 Swiss. Carrefour states that:

"This transfer project will be submitted to the representative bodies of staff but the discussions initiated are going in the right direction".

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We can predict that with the purchase of Rue du Commerce, Shopinvest may want put high-tech products back on the scene to complete his offer. Attempting to become the platform for reselling reference technology products in France is a major challenge. On the other hand, even if the site is still not profitable, Shopinvest recovers a platform that is fully operational and well tied.

Carrefour wants to focus on food

At Rue du commerce, the 350 employees are preparing to live a new change of management and probably the implementation of a new strategy. While initially Rue du Commerce was an online sales site specializing in the sale of technological products, over the years there has been a diversification in the products on offer.

Currently, 7 million references are available on Rue du Commerce. With the meteoric rise of Amazon, Alexandre Bompard, CEO of Carrefour believes that it is better to focus on the company's primary know-how: food.

Today, the website of Rue du Commerce depends on that of In 2015, the acquisition of Rue du Commerce was part of the development policy of the French retail chain that wanted at all costs catch up on the Internet, especially against Cdiscount, Casino's subsidiary.

Certainly, since 2018 the Carrefour group puts the package on the digital. An investment of 2.8 billion euros is expected over the next 5 years. It seems that the group has the ambition to: "To become in 2022, the world leader in the food e-commerce sector" but "only" of food.

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