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The anniversary celebration for the 30th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall was impressively staged. Now, an excerpt from one of the videos has caused a scandal. In the background of the singer Anna Loos performances of international protest movements could be seen in the background. For a few seconds was in Hebrew, the words "Stop the occupation" to read. At first, the blog "Die Ruhrbarone" reported on it.

Volker Beck (Green) commented on Twitter critical of the incident. "On 9.11. (sic!) Germany unity with #Israelkritik to celebrate? Is it still possible? "He filed a program complaint. The anti-Semitism commissioner of the Jewish community in Berlin also told the Berliner Morgenpost that such slogans had "nothing to look for" at the unitary celebrations.

Israeli Ambassador Jeremy Issacharoff told the Bild newspaper: "On November 9, we celebrated the fall of the Berlin Wall, but dignifiedly recalled the pogrom night 81 years ago, symbolizing the horrors of the approaching Holocaust A shame, "Image" Issacharoff further quotes that some considered it appropriate to instrumentalize this event for political purposes against Israel.

The organizers of the agency "Berliner Kulturprojekte" have meanwhile apologized on Facebook. Moritz van Dulmen, head of the agency, said: "This is clearly a mistake for which I carry the responsibility."

Beck called on Thomas Bellut, director of ZDF, to join. In addition, one should sit down with those, who had assembled the series of pictures, he added. (Tsp)

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