“It has been like a typical NBA game”


Svetislav Pesiccoach of Barca, said after the victory of his team on the track of Coosur Betis which “has been like a typical match of the NBA, especially a start game of the season in the NBA, where it is not defended and there are 18 of 35 triples. It's a shame that 40 minutes are played here and not 48 as in the NBA"

The Barca coach said that “it is also important to have fresh legs, because if you do not have them then it is very difficult to play. We have had a difficult game in Kaunas and we may have lacked a bit of strength in the legs, but we must also say that the Betis He played excellent in attack, has put many triples, it is not easy to defend these players. Surely for the public in Seville it has been very motivating. ”

Pesic He considered that “we have done good things, but we also have to analyze how to play better in defense or how to control the rebound after a game of Euroleague after which we have little rest and preparation time. ”

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