"It is a disaster!". Messi wants it to charge Valverde (and does not give one)


The technical direction of Barcelona is in trouble and the possible substitute for Valverde is making the leadership doubt. The last days for the cule team have been disappointing due to the low performance of the team. And although the Extremadura strategist assures that from the Blaugrana presidency there is an endorsement for him to remain in office, the truth is that he travels along the tight rope and his credit balance is in red numbers. Messi has Xavi Hernandez as a bench candidate, but he is not having a good time in his current team.

The ‘Motorcito de Terrassa’ is heading to the Al-sadd from Taste, and although they are fourth in the standings, recent games have unleashed the fury of the fans.

Messi's candidate does not convince even in Qatar

The last game of Al-sadd went against Qatar SC, where they lost by three goals of difference at home. This caused chanting asking Xavi to leave the technical direction. "Xavi out!" Was the slogan of the stands at the end of the game, which is unusual, since the former Blaugrana midfielder was a highly respected professional in the institution.

This complicates the arrival of the technician that Messi wants to take the place of Valverde. The Argentine ‘10’ is not the only one who sees Xavi as Barca´s technical future, since Guardiola dropped the idea a few months ago: «Sooner or later it will happen that Xavi will train Barca. They are things of destiny. When I have spoken with him, I have seen that his eyes shine and he will be the coach of Barca for sure».

For now, who understood everything that happened inside the game box with great ease, it is difficult to capture their ideas as a coach. Will this subtract all credit to the candidate from Lionel Messi to the bench?

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