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Jaime Alas returns to the national team, after losing the previous games against Santa Lucia and Montserrat. Now, for the clashes before the montserratenses and Dominican Republic, in Cuscatlan, the flyer of the Guatemalan Municipal may be with the Blue.

From this Monday you must be in work with the major combination. It will arrive after having participated, on Saturday, in the 90 minutes of the game that ended in triumph for the buildings 3-0 against Sanarate, by date 17 of the Chapina league.

The cuscatleco gave assistance for the third goal against the sanaratecos, which allows them to stay at a point of leadership.

"The selection is a showcase for us. Thank God, they summoned me again. If I have to play, I hope to do it in the best way."

"Rival opponents are difficult, but we have to go out to win. We are on our court and we have to win. This Monday I must be with the national team," said the Municipal player.

To play outside, by the left band, Carlos de los Cobos will have among his options Alas and Juan Carlos Portillo, of Alianza.

This time he decided on both of them and left out Denis Pineda, of the Portuguese Santa Clara. Alas and Portillo arrive at the selection after having had continuity in their schools. For its part, Pineda has been out of the last calls of the Azores team.

The first game for the selection on this double date FIFA is scheduled for this Saturday November 16, before Montserrat. Three days later, you will receive Dominican.

The two commitments will be in the Cuscatlan. The first at 9:00 p.m. and the second at 4:30 p.m.. The national team is expected to train on Wednesday at the Coloso de Montserrat court.

For now, El Salvador is leader of the B group of League of Nations B of CONCACAF, with nine points. It is followed by Dominican with seven. If the cuscatleco team manages to close the group as leader, this November 19, it will qualify for the 2021 Gold Cup.


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