Jean-Michel Aulas (OL): "A deplorable image of football"


Posted on November 10, 2019 at 11:40 pm – updated on November 10, 2019 at 11:52 pm


Jean-Michel Aulas was moved after the Lyon defeat at Marseille (2-1) of the stormy environment around the meeting, especially with the straggling of the coach of the OL on the way to the Velodrome. The president of the Rhone club also complained about the use of the VAR during the meeting.

Jean-Michel Aulas, what is your feeling after the defeat of Lyon in Marseille on Sunday (2-1)?

Of course the result is indisputable. On the other hand, the match gave a deplorable image of the football in its context of passion, but also of reaction. When one tries to impress before, the players and the leaders, with a pressure which is not contained … During the match, one can quote at least two cases of difficulties in the application of the VAR. It seems to me that there is a hand of (Morgan) Sanson just before the hand that brings the penalty, which changes the fate of the match. Then there is (Dario) Benedetto's slap on (Leo) Dubois, who is not whistled at all. Congratulations to Marseille to have put a fantastic pressure, to be able to condition small ball pickers so they do not give the balloons. There are big arbitration errors and too much pressure. When the bus is broken on order, to impress, it's a pity. That being the case, it does not take anything away from Marseille, who made a very good match.

Who exactly do you accuse when you say that the bus was "broken to order"?

I watched social networks like you all afternoon. I saw that there were instructions, appointments given to wait for the bus and pebble it. If people want to know who is responsible, they will find.

Aulas: "If we are no longer in a state of law …"

Are you going to ask the Discipline Committee to take the case?

We will not ask anything at all. The general manager of the League was present, Pascal Garibian (head of the French arbitration, Ed) was present. If the VAR does not work, if we are no longer in a state of law allowing the match to unfold in good conditions, which may have allowed Marseille to win. (Dimitri) Payet did it all: he scored some good goals, he gave his opinion to Rudi Garcia, he made sure to animate the day of celebration of 120 years and supporters. The most beautiful thing, it was the tifos and it was remarkable to see of this quality.

OL are 14th in L1 with this loss. Are you still satisfied with the contribution of Rudi Garcia?

We have a very good team, we have recovered a coach with a lot of experience, who has given a number of arguments for the match to take place in good conditions. We did not win this match, but we had just played against Benfica on Tuesday night. The most important this week was to get in position to qualify for the 8th finals. This is one of the two goals of the season. The second is to be on the podium. I do not know how many points we are tonight (five), but I do not think it is unacceptable compared to the end of the championship. We must not dramatize. We probably made mistakes at the beginning of the season, we corrected them and we will be at the finish of this championship.

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