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Jeff Bezos is CEO of the online giant Amazon and his character the richest person in the world. But what does a man with so much fortune possess? The following video tells you.

Whole 112 billion dollars should Jeff Bezos' fortune according to "The World's Billionaires List 2018". He currently owns $ 22 billion more than Microsoft founder Bill Gates. But what starts the CEO of Amazon with his wealth? The following video can help and shows you the most expensive things Bezos has done.

Jeff Bezos' Fortune: All this has the Amazon boss

  • # 10: The largest house in Washington ($ 23 million)
  • # 9: Private space company Blue Origin (1 billion a year)
  • #8th: Gulfstream G-650 Jet
  • # 7: Investments of all kinds (150 billion US dollars)
  • # 6: Real estate
  • # 5: Donations to charity
  • # 4: A Very Early Form of Google ($ 150 Billion)
  • # 3: A 10,000 Year Clock ($ 42 Million)
  • # 2: Extreme Security Measures ($ 1.6 Million)
  • #1: A Piece of the City of Seattle ($ 1.5 Billion)

That's how much Jeff Bezos earns by the minute

As you can see, the Amazon boss is investing his money in something quite extraordinary. But even if he spends more, the entrepreneur can not become really poor anymore. A US magazine at least has calculated that Jeff Bezos' fortune per minute to $ 28,000. Incidentally, this amount also corresponds to the annual salary of an average Amazon employee from the USA.

Also interesting is the career of the richest man in the world. Or did you know how Jeff Bezos could accumulate his fortune? A little tip: He has not become so rich only through Amazon. Maybe that's a good thing, because Jeff Bezos thinks that Amazon will go bankrupt.

He is not the only interesting billionaire. Also how Elon Musk's fortune came about, you might be interested. The expensive things that the Tesla CEO does, however, are completely different from Bezos' possessions.

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