Joao Maleck be close to regaining their freedom



Football player Joao Maleck, held at the Puente Grande Criminal in Jalisco, could be released as revealed by lawyer Ala Rassi, provided he complies with the payment of damages.

"(Joao) He is about to serve six months in custody. If he has already deposited the damage repair payment, that gives him immediate freedom and that cannot be stopped by God," Rassi told ESPN.

The lawyer, who defended the affected party until a few weeks ago, said that just having committed his first crime, could benefit the player and the affected family will not be able to appeal.

"The family of those affected can do anything, but Joao It is primarily non-criminal, that reduces the penalty in a third and the family can not do anything, "he said.

Joao Maleck during a game Picks Children

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Joao Maleck during a game Picks Children

Rassi Ala He commented that his group of lawyers had already prepared a remedy to face such a sentence, but given the opposite position of the family, he could not do more.

"We were going to be able to appeal in case of having a definition like that, but he didn't want to and they will be able to get the boy out of jail and the lady will stay spinning on his axis," said the legista.

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