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And suddenly Brazil Avenue seemed to stop. The motorized serenades were approaching, the security agents of the surrounding businesses took out the cell phone to record the moment and the first who was encouraged to face it was a lady who sold candy: “Maicelo, a photo, then”. A man with a black uniform, brown skin and wavy hair, throws the voice: "Cause, let me shake your hand for humility and put your‘ cookie ’on that zambito".

We are with the boxer Jonathan Maicelo and walking by her side is an experience that many politicians would like to live. Selfies and greetings surround every step you take and fuck, because that's the word: fuck in such a way that the hesitant laughs out loud.

Jonathan, how many times did curiosity kill you?
I am not a child to say that.

I did what I had to do, but never the wrong thing.

In San Judas, your neighborhood, the drug runs like a ball.
I never tried it. I'm healthy, but I don't …

Did you have willpower?
I never wanted to sell myself from pend … because I consumed that filth.

‘Panther’ do you feel sorry for?
It is indifferent to me, but I want it to come out of everything bad that it is living.

It's good to hear those words …

He called me a criminal, ‘piranha’, vulgar, bad example, but God puts things in their place.

Are you a walker
I'm looking for ‘chamba’ 24/7 all month.

You never accepted to work in a reality?
Look what happens in those programs. They should close them.

What surprised you?
That girls without brains go out to tell their miseries.

And for a man to rate each couple or ‘shock and escape’ who shared his bed?
Prove he is a coward.

You have been linked to skinny tired …
And I never gave any comments. I don't need one to do the job.

But you have "messed" with Monica Cabrejos in the middle of the television show.
I answer, I do gender equality to answer, but I don't attack her in case she is ugly or her body. That would be the wrong thing.

Give me the opinion of a ‘cheater’.
It depends on which item.

I had my partner, who was tremendous huev … with the women, but able to cheat and take away the ‘money – money’.

And have you reported it?
Sure, and he started paying it.

Did you ‘stop it upside down’?
No, the son left his wife for a ‘veneca’ that is squeezing him.

Without discarding, I told you about the ‘womaniegos.
The lie has short legs.

Did you cheat?
Brother, I reconciled with my wife and if I didn't come back, I was going to have a vasectomy.

I could not have children with another.

Nor is it a sin.
I say it, because my dad abandoned us and had his heirs and only dedicated himself to them.

The good news is that you have returned with the ‘employer’.
She accompanied me to eat sun salchipapa.

My respects for the lady.
Now it's up to him to go to Gaston.

One day you confessed that the devil had tempted you and that's why you lost her.
I have already knocked out Lucifer and now I am with the word of God.

Which part?
Verse 1, chapter 2: Love your wife and no one else.

Bye boxing?
One more fight in the United States and to dedicate myself to my restaurant ‘I fight it’ and to my gym in Pueblo Libre.

What is your success?
I am real.

Explain it to me?
I am a shameless with the girls and with the entrepreneurs.

If a billeton calls you for a ‘business, do you flower the same?
Always. And I pay the bill.

Yes. So you don't think you are going to snack on lunch.

If you go to a 5 forks, do you know what each cutlery is for?
I lay my lampa, knife and all piola. Among men the bone is sucked.

What if she is a guest?
Likewise, I do not throw pig or speak with my mouth full.

It is an act of sincerity.
I am not like soccer players.

As they are?
They speak with diplomacy, but when they are in their neighborhood they shout: ‘Cause, cool, what it was.

Maybe you're right…
They go to restaurants and ask: ‘Lemonade with stevia’ and in his jato: ‘old, chicha pe’, in one ’.

About the little ball, do you see yourself liquidating with ‘Cuevita’?
Let me ring to ‘suck’, I offer myself of your chosen friend. I transfer it in your car.

And Jefferson Farfan?
I warn you: you already have your children, also good ‘drilo’, get a vasectomy and ‘chacalato’ every day.

Anything else?
We are going to "slap" Dubai and conquer foreigners. No bad guys, dad.

You know, I want to join you with Christian Meier …
That old man is ‘splitter’.

Do you think
Of course.


I approach and clarify: ‘Fox’, you have the mask, I know the saber.

Your business ‘I fight it’ breaks it. Thank God he blesses you.
Always, everything is his work.

And without grudges?
I tell you the firm, I'm not glad what is happening to the boy (‘Panther’), hopefully this ends quickly.

Thanks once again for this conversation.
You are with me since I started. Trome and I are people and we do not sell ourselves.

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