Juan Pablo Ramirez claimed responsibility for Nacional and played a good game


Atletico Nacional's victory over Cucuta at the Atanasio Girardot stadium left some favorable conclusions for the purslane team, as well as good returns from the individual. And one of the players who could shine, making, for many, his best game of the season was Juan Pablo 'El Indio' Ramirez, a footballer resisted by the fans of the Antioquia team and who has not managed to consolidate himself despite the various opportunities They have been given.

Ramirez, who attended Daniel Munoz for the second goal of the game and was one of the players who moved the best in the midfield ‘Purslane’, managed to reverse a little the bad image he left in previous games and he showed that it can be an alternative in case the team needs it, either due to the absence of any of his teammates or because Osorio decides to make him a starter.

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Total, the steering wheel of Antioquia, a success in his passes of 86%, won more than half of his duels against the rivals and gave a total of 39 passes to his teammates, figures that support him for the moment he has another chance and that drives away the ghosts of the stiffens suffered after bad performances and expulsions that complicated the club.

Starting from this, knowing that he will not be on decisive dates of the home runs, since he was summoned to the Colombia U23 Colombia National Team, ‘Indio’ Ramirez said goodbye momentarily in the best possible way from his teammates and from a hobby that was demanding from the start and that he hopes the player will continue to show his full potential in important games.

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It is worth remembering that the ‘Tricolor’, which already knows its rivals for the next 2020 Pre-Olympic, will travel to Japan on November 12, will play their friendly match against the U23 of the azules blue samurai ’on the 17th and 18th of the same month will return to the country, so that the players reintegrate into their teams.

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