Juventus vs Milan Dybala saves a Juventus in which Cristiano was replaced again


Juventus vs MilanThe goal of the Argentine allows the 'Vecchia Signora' to maintain the leadership

Dybala's goal to defeat Milan

Lto season of the Juventus It's being a bit weird. The giant of Turn almost always wins, but almost always suffers a lot to get his wins. At least the Sarri were imposed on Lokomotiv -en home and away-, Torino, Genoa, Bologna … and for the minimum they won Milan. He 1-0 evidence how difficult it was for the 'Vecchia Signora' to get three fundamental points, which make it possible to reach the lead in the Serie A leadership, one point above Inter Conte.

Beyond the difficulty that winning each game is supposing for Juventus, the other fact that contributes to that rare atmosphere in Turn es Cristiano Ronaldo. For the second consecutive game, the Portuguese was replaced, something that is practically not remembered. After leaving the crash in Moscow in 81 ', now Sarri quit CR7 in the 55 '. Cristiano leaves the mosqueado field, going directly to the locker room without going through the bench. Juventus are winning almost all of their matches – they triumphed in 11 of their last 12 duels – but Cristiano and the difficulty of winning the matches are cause for concern for the 'bianconeri'.

Cristiano's anger after being replaced: against Milan, minute 54 and 0-0 on the scoreboard

It was soon understood that the duel will not be easy for the locals. And that the first occasion of the game was of the Juventus. Christian I attended Higuan -title ahead of Dybala– and the disparate Argentine, forcing Donnarumma to send the ball to corner. However, that action was a mirage at first marked by the excellent performance of the visiting team.Pioli I bet for an advanced pressure and that took effect, with the 'Vecchia Signora' very uncomfortable in the exit of the ball and without fluidity in its circulation.

The good football deployed by Milan led to the creation of several goal opportunities. However, either the 'Rossonera' toe was not the best or Szczesny It stands as an insurmountable wall. Piatek, after great center of Suso, topped off in an excellent position, then arriving at the recital of the goal of Juve. Neither Paquet – head first that led Szczesny to make a fantastic stop – or The O neither Piatek They have managed to overcome the local goalkeeper, leaving the clash at rest with 0-0 in the light.

The second half began with Matuidi I shot with danger, but that preceded one of the moments of the encounter. In 55 ', and to general surprise, Sarri remove Cristiano Ronaldo to put Dybala. The Portuguese, in recent days had been news for some physical discomfort, went directly to the locker room … but the truth is that the great hero of the meeting will be his substitute.

Juventus was getting very uphill the game. The 'Vecchia Signora' could not create too much danger, but in 77 'appeared the goal of Dybala. The Argentine, after Higuan pass, leaves Romagnoli classy and shoot with the right leg, scoring 1-0. He was sixth in six Dybala Serie A games against Milan. He has taken the measure.

<img class = "full-image" src = "https://e00-marca.uecdn.es/assets/multimedia/imagenes/2019/11/10/15734225581197.jpg" width = "660" height = "440" alt = "Juventus Argentine forward Paulo Dybala celebrates after opening the scoring during the Italian Serie A football match Juventus vs AC Milan on November 10, 2019 at the Juventus Allianz stadium in Turin. (Photo by Marco Bertorello / AFP) "/>

In the last minutes, Milan does not stop looking for a draw. alhanoglu took Szczesny to demonstrate his great level again. The Polish left the game with seven stops made and as one of the main responsible for the defeat 'Rossonera'. The Juventus goes to the top on the top of the Serie A.

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