Kazim Richards saw Veracruz boy vomit and fed


A few weeks ago Veracruz It was on everyone's lips. Its players and several teams of Mexican football sympathized to protest the debts that the board had with the soccer players of Sharks This fact and the lack of payments went around the world and even the international press addressed the issue. One of the last to refer to the situation was the medium Esporte balloon, who had the possibility of giving more details due to the interview he conducted with a player of the institution.

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One of the players that has attracted the most attention during the problem of Sharks is Kazim Richards and not to star in some scandal, in fact it is quite the opposite. Days ago it was announced that the Forward Turkish-born in England- support for to three young soccer players; however, the own Richards was responsible for further detail everything that has lived in the port.

“It's hard to try to work, keep going. There was a situation that I had never seen in football. Never. When you train and see a child who has not eaten in three days, it is difficult. He started throwing up water, not food. I asked him what happened and he said he hadn't eaten in three days. I took him to eat, ”explained the forward, who arrived at the Sharks for the Clausura 2019.

Regarding what motivated him to help young people, Kazim said he didn't do it to receive the applause. “I paid the boys because it's right. They deserve someone to help them. I have children and I expected someone to help them. Thank God I had a good career and I could help because they were suffering so much. Boys who had to leave home to make dreams come true, ”said the Turk, who tells the hours to leave Veracruz to return to Brazil, where he played before arriving in Mexico.

“(Missing) a few weeks to go. Every day is one day less. I have a calendar here and I count every day (…) I am free in December, I will not be on this team. I miss playing in Brazil, the championship and the fans. My family and my heart are in Brazil. My heart is Brazilian, ”said the striker, although he did not rule out listening to any offer from another team in the MX League.

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