killers, the Reds fly away (with a jewel of Fabinho)


If Pep Guardiola has the kryptonite label of a certain Jose Mourinho, his is German and it has been a misery for already three years. Jurgen Klopp and his Liverpool again dominated Manchester City this Sunday (3-1), in the clash of the 12th day of the Premier League.

It would be far too simplistic to say that the Reds choked – or ate – the Cityzens. Let's say that the Liverpool players have the antidote. And the ability to kill their opponents in three passes and a perfect conclusion. On all three goals, this was the case.

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Episode 1: The Fabinho Mine (6th minute)

On a cons led by Sadio Mane (still huge during the match), after a huge opportunity from Manchester City – who claimed a hand from Trent Alexander-Arnold (Bernardo Silva seemed to also touch the ball with the hand) – Roberto Firmino and Mohamed Salah are struggling with the revamped defense of the Skyblues, which is pushing back in the axis. At the entrance of the surface, after a small hook, Fabinho releases a pure and tense mine that is lodged on the right of Claudio Bravo.

Before the opener (6th minute), Manchester City was well into the match, with control and bite. The annoyance about this famous hand not whistled and the frustration left by this goal on a counter weighed heavily in people's minds.

Episode 2: transversal between lateral and Salah at full speed (13th)

Second blade. After a big opportunity of the head signed Raheem Sterling, the double champion of England is punished again against. After an Alexander-Arnold center at Andrew Robertson (yes, Liverpool has sideways that are transversal and in addition they are fair and useful), it serves Mohamed Salah sublimely. The Egyptian leapt full ball at the far post and placed a diving head in his race, at high speed, in opposition. 2-0 after less than 15 minutes. Three shots, two shots, two goals.

Manchester City, who lined a Stones-Fernandinho hinge in Aymeric Laporte's long-term absence in front of his second goalkeeper (Ederson was out of action), had situations. But displayed too many unusual flaws. Since his own goal with a Bravo too slow to revive, through the hinge without automation, lateral not centering … In the stand and mysteriously absent from the score sheet, Benjamin Mendy would have done good with its quality of centers he had posted against Atalanta (1-1) Wednesday in the Champions League.

Liverpool won the famous battle of the midfield, with his trio Fabinho-Henderson-Wijnaldum, huge in the efforts and who nauseated a Bernardo Silva still active but often taken to two or three and shemale. In front, Sergio Aguero has still not managed to score in Anfield, Raheem Sterling – still in the sights of Liverpool supporters who do not forgive him his departure – too imprecise, Kevin De Bruyne who makes mistakes as rare as arcane ( not good on set kicks in particular) … that's a lot.

Episode 3: Mane, still him (51e)

Back from the locker room, the scenario is the same: Manchester City has situations, trying to combine and put his game in place. And Liverpool comes to kill these beautiful intentions in the egg with Sadio Mane, at the reception of a wonderful Jordan Henderson center following a touch of Alexander-Arnold. 3-0 in the 51st minute.

And yet, there was room …

And yet. And yet the Skyblues approached the goal. And yet they ended up scoring in the 78th, on a good aerial ball Angelino for Bernardo Silva. And yet behind, the Cityzens showed nearly 80% (!) Possession of the ball over the last ten minutes. Raheem Sterling had several goals on Alisson, on Trent Alexander-Arnold, on Virgil van Dijk, Kevin De Bruyne ended up setting the target on a free kick late in the game, Kyle Walker came close to a header that would have everything revived …

Frustrating for the Mancunian club, maybe a little cruel. But Liverpool has not fallen at Anfield since 46 games, two and a half years of unbeaten. And is now nine points ahead of his opponent of the day in the standings. Without saying that it smells good for the title – Klopp himself still fearing the end of the year period and his crazy chaining – morale is good. Manchester City moved back to fourth place, one point behind Leicester and Chelsea. There would be almost a handover.

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