KSI wins the big duel of youtubers in the ring against Logan Paul


The numbers of these youtubers are hallucinating. Between them, KSI and Logan Paul have more than 40 million subscribers or nearly 10 billion views. However, it is not for their ability to make the Internet audience that they make the news this November 10, but for the professional boxing match that saw them face the Staples Center in Los Angeles.

While they had already faced amateur in 2018 (draw), the meeting this time turned in favor of 26-year-old British KSI (Olajide William Olatunji of his real name) by split decision after six rounds. This whole story dates back to 2017, when KSI defeated Logan and Jake Paul, a duo of American video-game brothers known for their polemical videos. This is reminiscent of the planned fight between Booba and Kaaris that never saw the light of day.

If the technical show in terms of boxing was not necessarily the rendezvous, it was not difficult to fill the legendary Californian hall and make profitable the evening with sales of the fight in pay-per-view (it is not necessary not be subscribed to a channel to watch it, just pay for access to see the match online). Their first fight had been watched by about 2.25 million people, legally or illegally via Twitch broadcasts.
The rivalry between the two young men for several years now has been buried (for the moment anyway) by a statement from KSI: "It takes a lot of courage to climb into the ring and you are a great man. Thank you for this fight my brother. "

It remains to be seen if they will continue a career in boxing, and especially, if a new revenge could see the day in the future.

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