La Plata: intense search for Nacho Galvan, a young man missing since Friday


Nacho was last seen at the Constitucion station on Friday afternoon Source: Archive – Credit: Courtesy

Ignacio Galvan, a platense musician of
24 years, is missing since last Friday, when
He left his home in Capital towards La Plata. He was last seen at the station
Constitution and given the impossibility of communicating with him, his relatives began an intense search.

Nacho – as his relatives know him – left his apartment in the Federal Capital, where he lives during the week while studying,
Friday at 6 p.m.. He greeted a neighbor and undertook a trip back to La Plata, where his parents and childhood friends live.
Nacho works in a brewery in La Plata and on Friday night, he didn't show up for his shift. That aroused the concern of his co-worker and then his relatives.

He wore dark pants and carried his guitar and a blue backpack. Security cameras place him at the Constitucion station on Friday afternoon. Since then, there is no news of his whereabouts.

"I am optimistic that it will appear"said Veronica Escudero, mother of Nacho, to
He confirmed that he received indications from witnesses who claim to have seen Nacho in La Plata. "On Friday afternoon, he told the neighbor that he was coming here," Veronica said and said that the young man did not show up for work on Friday, without noticing that he would be missing, something unusual since, according to his mother, "he is very responsible ".
While some witnesses who contacted the family claim to have seen him "wander" along 13th and 530th streets in La Plata, on Saturday at 3 a.m. "in a state of shock", there is no concrete evidence to place it in the mentioned location.

Some witnesses place Nacho in La Plata
Some witnesses place Nacho in La Plata "wandering around" and "in shock." Credit: Courtesy

The family filed the police complaint "for whereabouts" and the cause is investigated in Criminal and Correctional Court N * 44 with Prosecutor Pablo Recchini.

Those who have some information about the young person or think they have seen it can call 0221-566-7350 and 0221-485-4253.

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