Lamar Jackson flickers in a wide Ravens victory


(Cincinnati) Lamar Jackson had a near-perfect performance to give the Baltimore Ravens their fifth straight win with the Cincinnati Bengals 49-13. They are still looking for a first win this season.

Joe Kay
Associated Press

Jackson completed three touchdown passes and added a major following a terrific 47-yard run.

The Ravens (7-2), who inflicted the first loss to the New England Patriots last week, quickly put the game out of reach for the Bengals.

We had Lamar Jackson's show from the start – he completed a 49-yard pass on his first attempt. He finished the day with 15 passes completed in 17 – a perfect coefficient of efficiency of 158.3 – his second of the season.

He had five touchdown passes and a perfect ratio in a 59-19 win against the Dolphins early in the season.

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