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We have seen pavers kneeling stone for months on his laying bed, top mortar, delicately spread over the entire surface of the dock Bergues. The result is commensurate with the effort: just beautiful. Since then, we continue to enrich this new mineral support that runs along the harbor and the river, on the right bank, from the Mont-Blanc bridge to the Saint-Gervais place.

On the cobblestones, the public benches. Not one, not two, not three. Seventeen in one go. Wow! There, we did not see anything, everything went too fast. The city of Geneva, which regales, has experienced teams in the handling of street furniture outdoors. Lay and drop at the speed of lightning. The storm has passed, the sun has returned to the threshold of autumn to varnish these benches, unpublished in number as in the proposed alignment.

Although the official inauguration of this redeveloped wharf will not occur until the spring of 2020, it is now permitted to sit on the entire stretch. The benches go in groups of three; two are paired, the third is slightly farther apart, offering additional space for the installation, the day after tomorrow, of large plant bins 6 meters long each.

Those who would prefer to see growing trees will not be fully satisfied, but this effort of greening to come is to be taken up. Especially in the first pedestrian segment when you arrive from Coutance. Its very banking architecture gives nothing to see, otherwise arcades blind, of the gray pavement and, opposite, another bank, locally well established.

To admire the view, standing or sitting, it is better to stroll to the intersection with the bridge of the Machine. There, other benches make the triplet, same color (chestnut), same essence (of ash), same sober treatment (of the stained wood). From "Geneva" as we like, the basic, one, two or three seats, perfectly fitting with the city that gives it its name. Appreciated everywhere, except in front of the station Cornavin, restrictive gate-way, property of the CFF.

Remy Pagani contemplative

Our magistrate Remy Pagani, who will soon join the camp contemplatives, has never hidden his love of public benches. Its employees are on the front line every time we create and reinvent space for everyone. On the Quai des Bergues, the number is the strength and it is the distance to be respected between the bench and the barrier at the edge of the water that makes the negotiations; and successful, in the final rendering.

Three meters between the two. It's comfortable for the eye, acceptable for anglers (they too have been consulted) and generous for soft mobility. "We put the sidewalk without putting", says a colleague, a specialist in this mobility. Fluidity guaranteed. The beautiful days of October have verified the harmonious cohabitation of users. Thousands of people have walked this popular quay which, in the compromises made, remains primarily Geneva.

Luxurious templates

For the second segment, from rue Rousseau to rue Winkelried, lets the cars go in the direction indicated. They parade, certainly at low speed, but virtually without interruption. As they are, in this place, rather in luxurious jigs, the sitting contemplation evokes the Venetian more vis-a-vis the steamers which appear on the horizon of the Saint-Marc place. The big mechanical machines that ensure the custom deco of the hotel des Bergues all year round us in the back, brushing against our neck, we the innocent users of public benches. It's less harmonious and, to put it mildly, pretty "fearful".

The markings that have just appeared on the ground – temporary parking spaces, unloading areas – suggest that the car is already returning, elite but massive, on the dock Bergues. At the foot of the hotel of the same name, we even pushed the semantic hypocrisy to reproduce in yellow characters (it's ugly!) The signage "Minute Deposit".

Calculated bench, removal is counted in hours, days and nights. One should not take lovers of public benches for what they are not: idiotic contemplatives.

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