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Follow the transmission here LIVE of the League of Legends World Cup final between G2 Esports Y FunPlus Phoenix in its confrontation ‘bo5’ (better than 5) Worlds 2019 in this online transmission via streaming on Twitch.tv, YouTube and Facebook. The confrontation between G2 Y FPX closes the championship in the city of Paris. Riot Games has prepared the best framework for a final that has already broken traditions and that does not opt ​​for a favorite in the entire community of LOL.

The final for him Worlds 2019, League of Legends world championship and perhaps the most massive esports event in audience, will be held in Paris on November 10 at 7 a.m. (Peruvian time). G2 Esports can bring back the gold of LOL to Europe after eight years, and the Chinese surprise of FunPlus Phoenix He will do the same.

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Worlds 2019 LIVE: Final between G2 Esports vs FunPlus Phoenix

Follow the end of Worlds 2019, League of Legends World Cup live here via Twitch.tv, YouTube and Facebook, between G2 Esports Y FunPlus Phoenix in its confrontation ‘bo5’ (better than 5) that starts at 7 a.m. GMT-5 (Lima, Bogota) with the inauguration by Becky G.


Watch the live video of LVPes at www.twitch.tv


Worlds date and times 2019

This is the schedule for the end of Worlds 2019, League of Legends World Cup according to each region:


Sunday November 10.


  • 09:00 (Argentina, Chile)
  • 07:00 (Colombia, Peru, Ecuador)
  • 06:00 (Mexico)
  • 14:00 (Spain)
  • 05:00 (United States PT)
  • 08:00 (United States ET)

The inauguration by Becky G

The end of Worlds 2019, will feature the presentation of Becky G Giant screen, with augmented reality, magical choreography and lots of music. It is the first time that an artist of Mexican descent sings in the main show of the League of Legends World Cup.

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G2 Esports: the European hope

G2 Esports It was founded by the Spaniard Carlos ‘ocelote’ Rodriguez, a former professional player of League of Legends. His goal for this morning (night in Paris) is clear, making G2 the first team to win a Grand Slam.

G2 represents Europe and has already reaped important achievements in this World 2019. First, he mercilessly defeated SK Telecom T1, the favorite team to win this edition and now sees his absence a LoL World Cup final for the first time in the history.

Further, G2 He managed to win the 2019 MSI Cup, as well as the Europa League without complications. But the biggest thrust of this team is probably the responsibility of bringing the European region to the top of the League of Legends scene since 2011, the last time a team from this region has won a World Cup.

FunPlus Phoenix: team feeling in the final

To the path of FunPlus Phoenix He does not lack heroism. This is a team that has come as the big surprise even though it belongs to one of the most powerful regions in the world not only in League of Legends, but also in the spurious in general.

FunPlus Phoenix He won champions in the China LPL region without much effort and without big names until then. But perhaps his biggest blow was already in the pre-final stages, where he was able to defeat Fnatic and the established Invictus Gaming team, the current League of Legends champion.

His most prominent player in the Korean is Kim Tae-Sang, aka ‘Doinb’Of 25 years, the same one behind Faker alone in number of heroes used (eight).

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Worlds 2019: the best edition of the world cup in years

The surprises of eliminating SK Telecom and Invictus Gaming result in one of the most unexpected editions of the LoL World Cup in the history of Worlds. The Summoner's Cup, weighing 32 kilos, can fall into the hands of the next ace on the world esports scene.

The final of the Worlds 2018, World League of Legends last year, won an audience of 99.6 million people, not counting streaming transmissions that could not be tracked. It is therefore the most watched esports event in the world and the final between G2 Esports Y FunPlus Phoenix promises, due to its importance, to overcome these figures.

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