Legends of Manchester United see well an "arrival" of Raul Jimenez


San Pedro Garza Garcia.- The past and future of football met in Monterrey. Two Manchester United legends, Ronny Johnsen and Denis Irwin, showed support for Mexican children and will give two days of action for children in the Northern Sultana.

The former Red Devils footballers will be part of the first soccer clinic for children sponsored by Chevrolet and the English club.

Adrian Enciso, advertising director of the automotive brand, said he was grateful for the presence of both players.

"It is an honor to be here, with these types of figures representing the most important team in England," said Enciso.

Johnsen was the first to speak. He said he was very excited to be in Mexico and ready to find the next Javier Hernandez or Hugo Sanchez. "Well, it is a pleasure to be here, it is something we are always looking for, to find a new Chicharito or Hugo Sanchez, it is always gratifying to see the children, play with them, they are great experiences, that is why we support Chevrolet, because it always does these events, it would be great to find him and play for United, ”he joked.

Recognized for his polite right leg, Irwin raised his voice and, although he did not dare to recommend Raul Jimenez to the Red Devils, he did not see the arrival of the former American striker, although he will leave the decision to the viewers and the current ManU coach Ole Gunnar Solskjær.

“We don't have to say that, the club always looks for the best players, no matter the nationality. Jimenez is doing a fantastic job, scoring many goals, it would be fantastic for Mexico and United, but that depends on the coach and the spectators, they are the ones who will have to decide, ”he closed.

It will be tomorrow when the event begins in which more than 300 children are expected to live with the Manchester United history and other team collaborators.

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