Leno coveted by Bayern Munich?


Bernd Leno

Arsenal goalkeeper Bernd Leno would be in the sights of Bayern Munich. The German club would like to make the goalkeeper Gunners his next number 1 in this position.

According to reports reported by the Sun this Sunday, Bernd Leno would be in the sights of Bayern Munich. Manuel Neuer's latest performances worry the Bavarian leaders and see Arsenal's goalkeeper as his perfect successor. The Bayern Munich goalkeeper is 33 but has suffered injuries and a drop in fitness in recent months.

No holder in Arsenal

Bernd Leno is considered the third best goalkeeper in Germany behind Manuel Neuer and Andre Ter-Stergen (FC Barcelona). Very little used at Arsenal with only two appearances in the Premier League, he could be sensitive to this mark of interest from the reigning German champion who just set the record straight by defeating Borussia Dortmund on Saturday.

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