Leon beats Toluca and secures his ticket to the league


The Leon team confirmed their presence in the Liguilla by imposing a score of 4-0 to the Toluca team, in duel of the date 18 of the 2019 Opening Tournament of the Liga MX played at the Nou Camp stadium.

The goals of the difference were the work of the Chilean Jean Meneses in the 21st minute, the Colombian Yairo Moreno at 61, Ivan Ochoa at 69 and Jose Juan Macias by way of the penalty to 81. With this result the beast reached 30 units, in so much that the Red Devils were left with 16 points.

The performance of Alfredo Talavera prevented the home team to go to rest with the duel virtually resolved, since the element emerged from Guadalajara avoided three sung goals.

Lugo of the triumphs of Morelia and Monterrey, the obligation of those of Guanajuato was to leave with the three units to ensure their presence in the final phase, conviction with which they left from the first minute.

And it was there that the figure of Talavera emerged, who was responsible for saving his goal with a swipe with which he sent a corner kick after a cross shot by Jose Juan Macias who was leading goal.

The second was in the 14th minute in a shot by the Argentine Ismael Sosa that threatened to sneak past the right post, where the right hand of the scarlet goalkeeper reached.

The pressure, however, was great and those led by Ignacio Ambriz managed to finish with zero to 21 in a good play in which Costa Rican Joel Campbell served on the right, where Ecuadorian Angel Mena made the "screen" to leave pass the ball taken by the Chilean Jean Meneses to define with powerful shot.

In the complement, the “scarlet” box had a tie in a leaked ball by Argentine Pedro Alexis Canelo for Pardo, who took off Cota, eluded another defense and when he tried to eliminate the last obstacle the Colombian William Tesillo reached to dot the ball to steal a sung goal.

After the scare, Leon increased the lead at minute 61 on a ball to the left for Colombian Yairo Moreno, who conducted a targeted control to enter the area and define with a cross shot.

The emeralds put the third one in the 69th minute in a corner left shot to the area, where Ivan Ochoa hit a header without much force that Talavera failed to tackle, hindered by Mena's presence he made for the ball.

And ten minutes from the end came the fourth entry, the work of Jose Juan Macias through the prison, which was reviewed in the Arbitration Assistant Video (VAR), in order to seal a blunt victory of the Lion that is practically ready for the League, which could be reached within the first four of the classification.

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