"Let's fight until the end": Luis Fernando Tena is excited about the Liguilla


He knows that it is very difficult, but that it is not impossible. Mathematically, Chivas continues with chances of qualifying the Liguilla by getting into the top eight of the contest, after his tremendous victory against Queretaro this Saturday (3-2) at Akron Stadium.

Luis Fernando Tena, team coach, showed all his faith in what is coming. "We are still alive. We know they are remote, but there is a chance to qualify. We will fight until the end. The team is getting better."he expressed.

Then, he analyzed the present of his team, which garnered 3 victories in his last four presentations. "We had a very good game in Toluca. The first time today (against the White Roosters) was extraordinary, against a team like Queretaro, but the second half was not good, recognizing that Queretaro settled much better."

"It's not that the team is adapting to the idea of ​​Luis Fernando Tena, rather I adapt to the players and try to propose an idea that suits the quality, the characteristics of the players we have"he added.

"They are short players. We have Chofis (Eduardo Javier Lopez), (Fernando) Beltran, El Conejito (Brizuela), Alexis (Vega). They are short players but very good technique, high speed", sentenced the strategist at a press conference.

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