Liga Aguila: Fredy Guarin, a novel that involves Junior and Millionaires


A new period of signings is approaching in the Eagle League and several names begin to circulate around the different teams to reinforce in 2020. One of those that still generates expectation is Fredy Guarin, who has expressed his desire to play in Millionaires, but for now it has a short rally in Brazilian football.

Faced with this scenario, the Colombian sounds like a possible reinforcement for the Eagle League in 2020. Vasco Da Gama is your current team at the request of the technician and an enormous economic and logistical effort of the board, but he only signed until 2020 and although he has already had several matches and scored a goal, he would leave the ranks of the Rio de Janeiro squad.

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Millionaires would be the first interested in Fredy Guarin if you take into account the words of the president of the club and the desire of the experienced footballer. In the free player market, Camacho mentioned that he would like to have Guarin on his team, but at that time it was impossible due to quota issues. Now, with the start of a new season the window for the player opens.

But nevertheless, the economic issue would remain a determining factor beyond Guarin's wishes. Leaving Chinese football and being signed in Brazil are figures that Millionaires could not match in their administrative news; so, in case you want to return to Colombia, Junior (who plays Libertadores and had already been interested in him) or National would be the only ones allowed.

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It should be noted that Fredy Guarin would also have a market in MLS as it was known in the past market, so a good economic and sports offer could take it away from the Eagle League in the last years of his career.

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