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Quito –

Without triumphs in their last clashes, Liga de Quito will seek to take advantage before Delfin in the definition of the first title of the Ecuador Cup. Albos and cetaceans are measured today at the Rodrigo Paz stadium, a redoubt from which the manabita box has not been defeated since May 2018.

They are two visits in the last seasons in which Delfin has added ties at the White House, additionally he has two wins at home in the Jocay. The most recent cetacean defeat dates back to May 2018, when Fabian Bustos were defeated 3-0.

“It is a very hard team, it comes very well in the tournament, since 2017 Dolphin maintains a structure and its technician knows them very well. It's a process team, ”said Pablo Repetto, the helmsman albo.

The university students will try to “make a good game,” said his coach, “and from that, having the peace of mind of facing the second leg, although never having an advantage guarantees anything, it already happened to Emelec (2-0 round and definition in penalties ), and we also have what happened with Delfin and Barcelona (traced 1-4 in the first leg), that helps them keep up the mood, they must be very motivated, ”he said.

'It is not impossible'

For cetaceans it is the second final in three years. In 2017 they lost to Emelec for the national championship, and this one of Copa Ecuador “we have to win anyway”, said striker Roberto Ordonez.

“We have a team and we are very motivated. We focus on Copa Ecuador and LigaPro, we are here and we want to fight, we know that the opponent is very strong and in his house much more, ”said the attacker of the Manabita squad.

Ordonez referred to the streak they have against the albos, and although he pointed out that "all matches are different," he emphasized the option of winning the final. “We know that the opponent is complicated, has a good squad. This will not be easy, but not impossible, ”he said. (D)


League of Quito: Gabbarini; Valencia, Guerra, Rodriguez, Ayala; Vega, Orejuela; Quintero, Ayovi, A. Julio; Aguirre DT: Pablo Repetto.

Dolphin: Ortiz; Perlaza, Riveros, Canga, Nazareno; Burbano, E. Caicedo, Pinatares, Lopez; Rojas, Garces. DT: Fabian Bustos.

Referee: Luis Quiroz Prado.

Hour: 4:00 p.m.

Stadium: Rodrigo Paz

They transmit: DirecTV, Cable TV and CNT.

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