Liga MX Opening 2019: Goals table of Liga MX 2019 at the moment; Quiroga is a leader and Polido follows closely


Liga MX Opening 2019 Follow the Mexican soccer scorers live by MARCA Claro

Mauro Quiroga has been the sensation striker
Mauro Quiroga has been the front sensation of the 2019 Opening.

ANDl tournament Opening 2019 begins to confirm his guests to the next round of the tournament while defining the potential creditor of the Goleo championship, and the fight at the top of the table of this item seems to already have a virtual winner, as the forward revelation of the Necaxa Mauro Quiroga It has an advantage that seems difficult to overcome, since its 12 goals have put land in between with respect to its closest pursuer, the Chivas offensive Alan Polished, who reached 10 scores after his match on this date.

This Saturday, the Necaxa was imposed by 0-2 on condition of visitor to San Luis Atlantic thanks to somewhat scored by the Argentine Quiroga, who reached 12 in the absence of what their competitors can do on this same date 18.

For its part, Alan Polished He is the only Mexican who is in the top scorer positions, and before him he has the opportunity to reap at least one joy in this tournament, because before the adverse environment that covers the Chivas, The striker sought to overcome his mark of 10 goals in the last day that he reached this day by scoring against Quertaro.

Julio Furch, who arrives to this date with nine scores, will have the opportunity to cut the distance in the goal table when his team receives this Sunday at the TSM at Blue Cross, in a duel in which also Saints seeks to ensure general leadership.

But the fight for third place is the most intense, because, in addition to Furch, two more players have the same number of goals. The first one is the French Andr-pierre Gignac, who with the Tigers has penetrated the networks nine times and still play their respective game of the last date.

No less plausible has been the season of Nicols Ibez Atletico de San Luis, who has a similar scoring share, but who already has only one game pending in the tournament to do the feat.

The scoreboard Complete looks as follows.

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