Liga MX: Stove football; Signing rumors for the Clausura 2019 of Liga MX


MX League Low and high Mexican teams

Miguel Herrera, Ivan Marcone and Luis Fernando Tena star in the ...
Miguel Herrera, Ivan Marcone and Luis Fernando Tena star in the market.

TOthere is still a day to play in the Opening 2019, some teams of the MX League they are already moving their chips to reinforce their campuses, and in recent days teams like Cruz Azul, America and Chivas They have starred in rumors of the transfer market.

The closing of the tournament that the Chivas, which still holds them with hopes of Little league, has been well seen by the flock's senior staff, and they have let the coach know Luis Fernando Tena that the possibility of staying in the position is increasingly tangible, since it is even managed that the board already has a list of reinforcements that the 'Skinny' would have requested to face the next tournament.

He America You have already secured your participation in the League Mexican football and in recent times has shown a growing level that outlines, once again, as a serious candidate the title; However, in recent days, uncertainty has hovered in the American bosom, since according to sources close to the board, if the championship did not win, the presence of Miguel Herrera on the bench could come to an end, despite the recent successes that the strategist has reaped with those of Coapa.

One of the 'big fish' of this novel market seems to be the Argentine Ivan Marcone, who already had his experience in Mexican football with the Blue Cross and now, after his controversial departure from the Celeste set, he is followed by more than one team, including the Machine itself. According to South American media reports, Marcone would be searched again by the Cementors once Ricardo Pelaez and Pedro Caixinha They are no longer in the institution. Likewise, the royal teams would be other contenders to gain the services of the Argentine, but it is the America the one that would be ahead of these, since Coapa's whole would be considering it to replace Guido Rodriguez in case it leaves the institution bound for Europe.

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