Liga Santander: The Ferris Wheel of the Midfielder Leads to Barca sports


No demarcation is more transcendent in the game of Barca than that of the midfielder since Cruyff pointed to Mile as soon as he reached the Camp Nou. The team has had very different players for a key demarcation until reaching Busquets. Some have been very striking, there have been discreet and also the interim or those who have provisionally exercised the function colloquially attributed to 4. Players like Koeman and Guardiola, also Edmilson, and of course Love, Celades, Cesc or even Iniesta and Xavi have played a significant role as Barca's pivot.

The choice depended on the vision of the coach and also on the power supply of the game, a decisive circumstance to understand that Xavi went from the central steering position to exercise from the inside right while Iniesta moved to the left and in the middle remained Busquets, the footballer chosen by Guardiola to balance Barca football. The figure of Busi has been indisputable in his team and in the selection until the arrival of De Jong and the explosion of Liverpool of Klopp. The success of the Premier and the Catalan failures in Europe question Barca's game and the role of Busquets.

Although the figure of the midfielder is still valid, especially in teams such as Manchester City (Rodri) and even with nuances in Juve (Pjanic) or Inter (Brozovic), not to mention Ajax, the tendency is to occupy the core with interiors of a lot of rhythm, and bet on explosive strikers like the trio Mane, Firmino and Salah. The poster of Berlin 2015, when Barca won the Champions League, became obsolete: Alves, Mascherano, Iniesta, Neymar – and also Xavi – left by their own will and the seven that remain (Ter Stegen, Pique, Messi, Suarez, Alba, Rakitic and Busquets) only the ownership of the latter two is questioned.

Positional play

Today it is unknown who is the metronome of Barcelona. Sometimes Busquets plays, sometimes De Jong or Sergi Roberto does it, even Arturo Vidal has appeared, especially when the coach has arranged a double pivot, and at times Rakitic came out. It is not very well known what Valverde intends after Luis Enrique found a solution to the midfield knot with the trident Neymar-Messi-Luis Suarez. The positional game has diminished since the team no longer presses as a unit on the opposite court and the ball speed that distinguished the Barca media has decreased.

The Catalans no longer have the pass to disarm the opposing defense and, on the other hand, there is no synchronization between the player who touches and the one who receives as is noticed in the continuous unchecking as in the case of Griezmann. The players do not mix well, the team gets messy, the distance between the lines is lengthened and often both Arthur and De Jong are mounted on the midfielder who keeps the position orthodoxly as Busquets does.

It is still curious that the three defeats of the team in LaLiga (Athletic, Granada and Levante) have occurred with the replacement of the midfielder of Badia del Valles. Busi is used to being the invisible player when the team plays well, the one who never appears in the awards nominations, and he is missed when he loses, even now that he has turned 31 and accumulates a lot of wear after 550 games, one more than Migueli – he is the fifth player who has dressed the Barcelona shirt the most times.

Smart player, admired by the coaches – “if I were a player I would like to look like Busquets,” said Del Bosque—, today he is the victim of the Catalan football chaos, aggravated by the injuries of his starting sides. Semedo is low five weeks, more or less the same period as Alba. The team is no longer structured from the midfielder nor does the game exit focus on the flyers but the reference is Messi.

The 10 is offered as an individual solution to collective dysfunctions even though the messidependence Barca was always worse than the Barcadependencia for Messi. The 10 marks the goals, the difference and the style of Barca. Thus, when the soloist is imposed on the theory, there are those who argue in the Sports City that a temporary exit would be for the captain to advance his position and stretch the team, an option that would make sense of the return without delay of Busquets. Until now there has been no more rigorous footballer than the midfielder, the nerve center of Barca. Touching the pivot means doubting the identity of the team, which is a reason to repair the importance of the change initiated by Valverde.

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