Ligue 1 – 13th day – Dimitri Payet, words and deeds


amavi (jordan) payet (dimitri) (F. Faugere / The Team)

Ligue 1 – 13th day

Dimitri Payet launched Olympico's hostilities at the end of the week. Inhabited, the number 10 Olympian delivered a performance up to the expectation that his statements had given birth.

No one knows what really happened between Dimitri Payet and Rudi Garcia so that the first one wishes so much to avenge the second, but the resentment must be deep. Because it had been a while since the Marseillais had not given so much on a field. Since Euro 2016, perhaps, or during the last european club campaign, possibly. But there is much to discuss as the former leader of the Blues has intensified in everything he did. Including in his celebrations, who said a lot about his motivation. In a trance, Dimitri Payet changed faces, people. So much so that he seemed already dulled at the break, just as he was soberly answering the solicitations of the broadcaster of the meeting.

The 10 true

Dimitri Payet honored the number he sports

Forty minutes earlier, he had already had to show the same placidity to turn the penalty of the opening of the score, after six minutes of procrastination related to the intervention of the VAR (18th). Without giving the impression of trembling at all and a shot in the middle of the window, he had just set the tone of an evening that saw him take all the light. For beyond his two goals and despite his position as a left winger – a position that was the source of some tensions with Rudi Garcia – Dimitri Payet has done honor to the number he has worn since his return to OM . Sometimes from his corridor, sometimes in a more axial position, it is he who led all the offensives of his team. The statistics of his match confirm the visual impression: at the time of his exit (76th), he was the Marseillais who had touched the most balls during the match (49) and made the most key passes (3). A capital benefit, at the best of times. – T.P.

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