Ligue 1 – Matchday 13 – Dimitri Payet takes OM, second in Ligue 1, to OL


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Ligue 1 – 13th day

A double, Dimitri Payet took his responsibilities in an appointment tense and expected. But OM, who has relaunched his own opponent in the evening, had to fight to take place on the podium. Lyon is 14th.

The lesson: 100% Marseille

In Marseille, in these meetings, there can be no victory without a single scenario. The dramaturgy, before, during, after, was worthy of the big nights, as OM had not known since a qualifying night against Leipzig in the quarters of the Europa League. Facing Lyon, it was first a lesson of state of mind. Aggressive, quick to intervene, raging and concentrated, Andre Villas-Boas' men took the stakes. And, led by a Dimitri Payet gala, Maxime Lopez and his band take place especially on the podium of Ligue 1, claimed goal of this Olympian season. Everything was not rosy, however, between difficulties early in the ball game, late tense match and guilty deconcentrations. Two, to be precise, signed Alvaro Gonzalez.

An irreproachable state of mind on the OM side

The Spanish defender, who first shone by his selflessness and aggressiveness, transformed the game. He first let the ball slip for Moussa Dembele, scorer of the head (59th) and visibly well inspired to shout "Leash !". Then on an incursion of the same Dembele, the former Villarreal tacked unnecessarily. Result: logical red card (64th). But OM had the resource, and Andre Villas-Boas was good coaching. The entry of Kevin Strootman as the replacement of Boubacar Kamara in the axis of defense did not affect the collective balance – despite the numerical inferiority. The main reason: an irreproachable state of mind, main ingredient for three hard earned points.

The winner: Payet all fire

The loser: Garcia, what's that?

The context was unfavorable to him. And his return to OM went the worst way. Humiliated by Dimitri Payet, who had already paid for his head in a press conference, the former OM coach has never been able to give back to an outmoded team, the facts of the game – especially this double error Alvaro Gonzalez – opposing lead however OM. As for the changes, that of Jeff Queen-Adelaide at the break, better Lyonnais of the first period, interloque. What justification for such a choice? As for fans, nobody seems to have understood, and this defeat should further widen the relationship gap between the Gones and their coach. – A.B.

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