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The draw against Binational was not a bad deal for Lima Alliance, considering how difficult it is to add up to Juliaca's height. However, the team of Pablo Bengoechea could take something else, if Adrian Ugarriza and Felipe Rodriguez did not fail from the twelve steps. Within that framework, the intimate coach gave a press conference and here we show you his best phrases.

The press conference of Bengoechea after the tie of Alliance and Binational. (Video: Alan Mayta)

– "It is not easy to kick a penalty in height, in the plain would have entered."

– “I have known the team two years ago and I have known the new ones since June”.

– "Height is a reality, we had to make a huge effort and overcome."

– "Game difficult to explain, the opponent had scoring and scoring chances many times to the goal."

– "We had some clear occasions too."

– "You always want to add three points, but we knew that adding at least one point was very important."

– "We remain in the first position that we want so much to be."

– "We prepare a week for the difficult game against Huancayo, we play many things."

– "The boys arrive very well on Saturday and together with the encouragement of our people we will have a better chance of taking the game forward."

– "The players made quite well crafted attack moves."

– "You have to have air and a lot of quality to hit in the last meters."

– "The play of Ugarriza that hit the post seemed very good".

– "The height has a lot to do, but the players are also wrong in the passes."

– "It is very difficult to play at height."

With the draw before Binational, Lima Alliance (29 units) continues as leader of the Clausura Tournament, above the University of Sports, because it has a better goal difference than University (29 points). The intimate will receive Sport Huancayo in the next date, with the conviction of adding and, thus, reaching the goal of the year.

The bus that I will ride to the champions of Cienciano. (Video: Alan Mayta)

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