Lima Alliance what Pablo Bengoechea said Adrian Ugarriza fail criminal Juliaca key match Tournament Clausura Decentralized VIDEO


When everyone was preparing to celebrate the first goal of Lima Alliance in Juliaca ante Binational, Adrian Ugarriza He put his hands to his head, as if trying to assimilate the fact that he missed a key criminal in favor of Pablo Bengoechea's painting in Juliaca, considered a very difficult place.

Undoubtedly, Adrian Ugarriza He had the perfect opportunity to celebrate his first goal with Alianza Lima shirt, but luck did not accompany him. And of course, Pablo Bengoechea was forced to motivate him, so that the forward continues to work.

Alianza Lima was about to score 1-0 but the ball hit the post. (Video: GOLPERU)

“Come on, Adrian, let's go. You were very good in both, very good, ”he said Bengoechea Ugarriza, who after failing the penalty generated another chance to score, but the stick again denied him the possibility of celebrating in Juliaca.

Beyond the goals he failed Adrian Ugarriza, the forward had an important participation in the draw against Binational. He did the tours well and managed to harm the arc of the "Mighty of the South" in Juliaca.

After finishing the match, Adrian Ugarriza He was supported by several of his teammates. Eye, he was not the only one who failed from the twelve steps. Felipe Rodriguez also erred.

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