LIVE Barranquilla Junior vs Tolima Sports FREE ONLINE Foursquare Liga Aguila ((Today November 10)) RCN Channel


The draw favored those forced to fight the quota to the grand final, who should not miss the opportunity to take an initial advantage when they receive Cucuta Deportivo and Tolima Sports. The link to watch LIVE Barranquilla Junior vs Tolima Sports FREE ONLINE can be found below.

There are no two without three, recite the saying and Junior knows it. Therefore, he will try to get a feat that in short tournaments only National achieved: the three-time championship. To do this, you must start with a win against the rival Pijao, although to achieve this you must adjust a lot.

The best defense of the contest has a short blanket. Although back is very solid, forward does not get the scoring efficiency, scoring only 16 goals in the regular phase. Julio Comesana expects that, with Teofilo Gutierrez, the shark team will begin to be more effective against the rival goal, especially in Barranquilla.

For its part, Tolima achieved union after the suspension of Alvaro Montero. The last games, where they got a good run to get into the eight, they prove it.

LIVE Junior of Barranquilla vs Tolima Sports FREE ONLINE

Day: November 10

Hour: 5:00 pm

Channel: RCN Channel (Click here to view the online signal)

Link: (Click here to follow the match live)

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