Live: Motagua suffers expulsion and does not have a good time against Real Sociedad


Tegucigalpa, Honduras.

The Real Sociedad and Motagua are tying 0-0 in Tocoa duel pending the day 17 of the 2019 Opening Tournament of the National League of Honduras.

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HALF TIME: Real Sociedad and Motagua go to rest by tying 0-0 in Tocoa.

MIN 36 Red! Midfielder Walter Matinez Betanco is sent off after double warning, hard tackle on Samir Martinez. The #Motagua keeps 10 players.

MIN 32 Header of Marcelo Santos who stops in the background the goalkeeper of the Royal Society.

MIN 11 Uffff! Marco Tulio Vega completely alone under the frame connects head and the ball passes over the goal. Incredible opportunity that Motagua lets out.

MIN 10 DIsparo by Walter Betanco and goalkeeper Robledo send the ball to the corner kick.

MIN 9 Ufff! Marco Tulio Vega connects shot in the area and in the background the Real Sociedad goalkeeper stays with the ball.

MIN 8 Oops! Edgar Martinez de la Real Sociedad avoids the shot of Marco Vega in the area and the ball passes to the side of the goal. First notice of Motagua.

MIN 1 Ufff! Kemsie Abbott shoots and the ball goes to the side of the goal. Close the first goal of the Royal Society.

Started! The Royal Society receives the motagua in a duel pending the day 17 of the 2019 Opening Tournament of the National League of Honduras.

For the oil workers, victory is key since they are last in the standings with 9 points, so if they win they will stop being colistas and will send Honduras Progreso to the basement, which has 9 units.

Good afternoon. The Real Sociedad and Motagua face each other at the Francisco Martinez de Tocoa stadium, a pending duel on matchday 17 of the 2019 Apertura Tournament


Real Sociedad: Willian Robledo, Dilmer Martinez, Mario Flores, Henry Clark, Wilmer Fuentes, Edgar Martinez, Robbie Matute; Wilson PalaciosOsman Melgares, Kenrick Carcamo, Kemsie Abbott.

Motagua: Marlon Licona; Cristopher Melendez, Marcelo Santos, Felix Crisanto, Carlos Sanchez; Sergio Pena, Jonathan Nunez, Walter Martinez, Oscar Salas, Wimer Crisanto and Marco Tulio Vega

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