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Don't miss the minute by minute of the match Mexico vs South Korea, corresponding to the Quarterfinals of the U17 World Cup. The meeting you can follow Live, this Sunday, o'clock 5:00 pm, by TUDN.




After overcoming the slump, doubts and infallible criticism from Mexico, the Tricolor seems to have gained momentum and does not want to stop until, at least, reach another end. The Under-17 youth, after equaling 0-0 with Paraguay and falling 2-1 with Italy, regained efficiency by hitting 8-0 to Solomon Islands and, in the second round, 2-0 to Japan.

The start cost, few goals were scored and many were received, then the situation changed. Eduardo Garcia kept his goal at zero twice, while the strikers detonated. Efrain Alvarez assumed his role as leader and promoted his other teammates. Santiago Munoz, Bruce El-mesmari, Gustavo Martinez and Ali Avila are his best allies.

Best oiled and in full rise, Mexico reaches the quarterfinals. His next game is against South Korea.

The comparison with the South Korean box comes at the best time for the greens. The Asian team is a tailor-made obstacle before perhaps seeing each other's faces again with Paraguay or facing Holland in the semifinal round.

To be among the best four countries in the contest, the Tricolor needs to beat the Asian team.

Korea, for what it has shown throughout the competition, is a careful rival.

The team led by Kim Jung Soo has only one fall in the tournament with an age limit.

The Tigers of the East were installed in Group C, in the group stage, and were second behind the favorite France. Korea beat Haiti 2-1, lost 3-1 with the Gauls and then beat Chile 2-1. In the round of 16 the Asians defeated the surprising Angola 1-0.

South Korean goals are distributed among several players, however, the deadliest weapon they have is Choi Min-Seo. The attacker of Pohang Steelers, thanks to his 1.83 meters tall, is a danger striker.

Marco Antonio Ruiz is aware of the challenge he faces, the discipline of the Asian teams is mixed with his agility to play. The Tricolor is slowly approaching its objective. The third World title at the U-17 level.

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