Liverpool knocks out Manchester City and takes hold in the lead


Liverpool 3 – 1 Manchester City

Anfield dressed in gala to host what, almost certainly, is the best match that can be seen today in the king sport. Maybe Liverpool and Manchester City do not generate as much media impact as FC Barcelona and Real Madrid. Even so, there is no doubt that both teams, whose battle for the Premier League during the past year was titanic, are led by the 2 most prominent coaches today: Jurgen Klopp and Pep Guardiola.

The former Barca coach opted for Jose Angel Esmoris Tasende, known sportingly as Angelino, on the left-handed side, while Claudio Bravo was the owner to the detriment of an injured Ederson Moraes. However, the contest started sensationally for the interests of Liverpool, with some uncertainty in the previous action by a possible hand of Trent Alexander-Arnold inside the area net. Anyway, the play would be ratified by the VAR, what triggered in an authentic work of art executed by Fabinho Tavares (1 – 0), old acquaintance of Real Madrid.

Despite this, Manchester City would not lose face to the game. The men of Guardiola approached the dominions of Alisson Becker in more than one occasion during the initial measures of the stake, but without too much aim. Raheem Sterling, who is signing a fantastic campaign start, was able to level the contest, although it was perfectly covered by Liverpool's defense. Kevin De Bruyne, a standing ball specialist, sent a spherical remote control, although it is true that he found no auctioneer. Yes, the local team would achieve it through Mohamed Salah, through an accurate center of Andrew Robertson, to overcome Bravo again with an unappealable stub (2 – 0).

Alisson had to intervene beyond the equator of the first half, thanks to a majestic action of Sergio Aguero, although he would not be able to break the wall established by the Brazilian archer. The clearest for Manchester City would be Angelino, whose kick, slightly bitten when bouncing off an opponent, crashed into the wood of Liverpool's goal. Roberto Firmino, who had not entered too much into play, had a couple of occasions almost in a row, reacting perfectly Bravo in the second of them to prevent the goal of the Rio.

Kyle Walker, who starred in one of the scenes of the last day of the group stage of the Champions League by having to play as a goalkeeper, would try his luck with a long distance throw, but found no goal. ’Kun’ Aguero, somewhat lonely on the offensive plot of the current Premier champion, would shoot without hesitation before reaching the break, although his strike was diverted. Equally, Salah would put Bravo to the test with a shot that the former goalkeeper of Real Sociedad or FC Barcelona would tackle in 2 times.

Despite the difference in the scoreboard, Manchester City would not renounce the possibility of re-engaging the stake, especially if it achieved an early target at the start of the second act. In fact, İlkay Gundoğan would have in his boots such an option as soon as he returned from the changing room tunnel, with a launch that would also be poisoned, but he went over the crossbar. The one who would put almost the lace to the encounter would be Sadio Mane, who would benefit from an exquisite shipment from Jordan Henderson's right-wing band to upload the 3 – 0 to the electronic.

Guardiola would end up giving entry to Gabriel Jesus to do the work that Aguero had done with less fortune than in other appearances, but it would have to be Bernardo Silva, with a pass filtered by Angelino, who would give a halo of hope to Manchester City in the decisive stretch of the duel (3 – 1). Sterling would associate with the Brazilian striker, although the assistance was not as accurate as he intended to connect with his partner. The Sampedor coach would claim a possible hand in the Liverpool area, which could have been a maximum penalty, but gave the feeling of being completely involuntary. Even so, the marker would not move again in Anfield. With this victory, Klopp's players reinforce their leadership in the Premier even more with 34 points, 8 ahead of Chelsea and Leicester City (tied at 26 points) and 9 more than City (25).

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