Liverpool-ManCity: the ever-alive aftermath of the Bus attack


On April 4, 2018, ahead of a Champions League Liverpool-Manchester City quarter-final first leg, the Skyblues' bus was severely wracked by Reds fans as they approached Anfield Stadium. An event that has left traces in the minds of Cityzens, who fear similar excesses Sunday, for the long awaited shock between the two teams (17:30 on RMC Sport).

On the day of the clash between Liverpool and Manchester City, this Sunday for the 12th day of the Premier League (5:30 pm), a major police device will be set up on the road to the Anfield stadium. One of the main objectives of these security measures is to protect the bus of the players carrying Manchester City players and staff. And for good reason: the day of April 4, 2018 is still in everyone's minds.

At the time, the two English rivals faced each other in the quarter-final first leg of the Champions League. But before the game, won 3-0 by the Reds, the bus from Manchester City had been stuck. As Anfield approached, in crowded streets of Liverpool fans, what seemed like a warm atmosphere quickly turned into a very hostile climate. In a cloud of red smoke hiding the driver's vision, individuals had thrown glass bottles, cans and firecrackers against the vehicle escorted by police officers on motorbikes. All under hoots and whistles against the Cityzens.

A staff member from Manchester City filmed the scene from the inside and broadcast the video on social networks. Other images also showing this great tension in the streets of Liverpool. Two police officers were injured in these incidents. The bus, too damaged, could not be used for the return trip.

Klopp felt "ashamed"

Despite the 130 hours of video-protection cameras, the police failed to identify the authors of the projectiles. Sanctioned by UEFA with a fine of 20,000 euros, Liverpool had apologized.

Jurgen Klopp, the manager of Liverpool, had condemned these acts after the meeting: "I feel really embarrassed and ashamed. (…) I do not have the words. They are idiots in this situation. How can we do that? It's not funny at all. It's dangerous. I was in a bus once, when someone threw a stone. You feel it. It was against Cologne. Someone had thrown it against the window. You wonder what can happen if it hits your head. It's not funny. It's the opposite and I'm really angry. "

Manchester City had pointed out the responsibility of the local police, saying the device was too light. A few months after the incident, Pep Guardiola still had not digested: "The police knew what was going to happen. It happened. Now they know it can happen. Sunday, we expect rather a fiery duel on the lawn.

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