Liverpool vs. Manchester City – Match Report – November 10, 2019


LIVERPOOL (EFE) – Shredded, broken and at the mercy of an unstoppable Liverpool. Thus Manchester City suffered its worst defeat of the season (3-1), the one embedded in Anfield in a match marked by a doubtful action by the VAR and by the nine points that already separate Pep Guardiola and Jurgen Klopp.

The goals of Fabinho, Salah and Mane disarmed the City, incredulous before a penalty by Trent Alexander-Arnold that neither the referee nor the VAR appreciated and that became the cornerstone of the protests and celestial despair.

And that the game began with the turned tables and with the City trying to erase Liverpool as a black beast. The Guardiola tried to overwhelm Liverpool to prevent the Klopp from doing the same. They started with a very high pressure that forced the 'Pool' to hit balls, but Fabinho's missile was not expected.

The Brazilian whipped a clear ball from the celestial area and the ball entered like a lightning bolt next to the right post of the goal of Claudio Bravo, substitute for Ederson, injured in the Champions League.

The goal was preceded by controversy, since in the previous play the City players asked for Alexander-Arnold's hand inside the area. The referee let go, the VAR reviewed the play and understood that there was nothing. The repetition showed that indeed the English side cut the ball with his arm.

The plan had come down to the City and sticks would continue to fall.

With no time to recover, after 10 minutes, Robertson put a measured center to the area so that Salah accommodated the ball to the net. 2-0 and Guardiola dropped into his seat, watching how Liverpool, almost unwittingly, had eaten them in an overwhelming start at Anfield.

Angelino and Aguero were able to cut distances, Firmino was close to 3-0 twice and Salah refused Bravo. Anfield was electric and rage ate at the City. The VAR could have changed the game and denied them a penalty. They went to rest 2-0 up and nine points behind Liverpool. It smelled like blood.

The City came out as in the first part, to press up and Liverpool broke again in a couple of passes. Henderson broke into the right wing, put a center to the second post and Mane, ironed the city.

Once again, Liverpool became medicine in the City. Without the untouchability of last season and with a desperate Guardiola in the band, the City died as the minutes passed. He ran out of oxygen pressed by the tireless men in red, immune to everything and boosted by their stands.

It only clouded his triumph somewhat late Bernardo Silva and left no room for maneuver to the City.

The 3-1 seemed even little booty for a Liverpool that did not suffer and that had wanted it could have done much more damage.

For now, the biggest dagger is the nine points ahead of the City. Nine units that cause that now the maximum rival in the classification is no longer the Guardiola team, placed fourth, but Leicester City, second to eight points.

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