Liverpool win against Manchester City: Jurgen Klopp defeated Pep Guardiola


Football Festival at Anfield. In a terrific Premier League league game, Liverpool win against Manchester City, killing nine points from the champions. Jurgen Klopp once again defeats Pep Guardiola. All information to read in the ticker.

  • Premier League, 12th game day
  • Liverpool celebrate eleventh win of the season
  • Manchester City already nine points back

Liverpool FC – Manchester City 3: 1 (2: 0)

1: 0 Fabinho (6th), 2: 0 Salah (13th), 3: 0 Mane (51st), 3: 1 Bernardo (78th)

Liverpool: Alisson – Alexander-Arnold, Lovren, van Dijk, Robertson – Fabinho, Wijnaldum, Henderson (61st Milner) – Salah (87th Gomez), Firmino (79th Oxalde-Chamberlain), Mane

Manchester City: Bravo – Walker, Stones, Fernandinho, Angelino – Rodrigo, Gundogan, de Bruyne, Bernardo – Sterling, Aguero (71st Jesus)

The essentials in brief: Jurgen Klopp has won the summit of the English Premier League with leaders FC Liverpool. The "Reds" defeated Manchester City 3-1 (2-0) on Matchday 12 in front of their home crowd. The Champions League winner, who has remained unbeaten in the league and has been waiting for a league title for 30 years, is now in the international break with nine points ahead of rival and defending champion City.

Fabinho (6th minute), Mohamed Salah (13th) and Sadio Mane (51.) met on Sunday in the entertaining match at Anfield. After just a few minutes, Man City called a hand penalty as Liverpool's Trent Alexander-Arnold had touched the ball in the penalty area with his arm. But the match continued, and Liverpool took the lead in the first round in a direct return.

The guests, with Claudio Bravo in the goal for the injured Ederson, were defensively vulnerable and were unsuccessful in the attack. ManCity had plenty of chances, but especially Sergio Aguero narrowly missed the goal. The goal of Bernardo Silva (78.) came too late for the team of coach Pep Guardiola, the pressure in the final phase, although again significantly increased, but was unsuccessful.

After the third defeat of the season Man City occupied with 25 points only fourth place in the Premier League table. Second is Leicester City ahead of third-placed FC Chelsea. Both teams have 26 points, eight points behind Liverpool.

Liverpool – ManCity: The game in the ticker log

90th + 4 minutes: off! Liverpool beat Manchester City 3-1 in a furious game and dropped nine points off the champions.

90. + 3 minutes: Sterling gives Van Dijk a Frustration Rempler, but the Holland giant is unimpressed: Who are you, little man?

90. + 2 minutes: Alexander-Arnold loses the ball in the forward move, although Wijnaldum and Mane are well positioned.

90. + 1 minute: … Jesus heads over it, but is offside. Liverpool has to survive four minutes.

90th minute: The foxy sterling fights with all those who come before the lens, in this scene it is Gomez. Free kick for City by de Bruyne from the left half field …

89th minute: Walker does not reach a reasonably sporting high-pass, the ball slips into the gate, the audience roar – important seconds for Liverpool. How much stoppage time is there on top?

87th minute: Klopp takes time out of the clock, Salah trots off the field, and the defender Gomez is to help secure the victory.

85th minute: Liverpool can keep Manchester as far away from the box as possible, but the danger is and remains latent. The "Reds" lack offensive relief, and City bunkers the ball.

ManCity shortens – it gets exciting again

82nd minute: Yes, City is definitely scenting. Sterling rubs against Alexander-Arnold, crosses the Liverpooler (more or less intentionally) at the hand and complains loudly, because Oliver does not impose a penalty. Also Guardiola beats snorting holes. It's getting hot here!

79th minute: And almost the 2: 3! What's up with Liverpool? De Bruyne can be outstanding drop by hoe for sterling, who wants to lay free in front of the overthrowing Alisson again – not a good idea, since no customer on the spot.

79th minute: Oxlade-Chamberlain replaces Firmino.

78th Minute: goal for Manchester! Once Liverpool mentally lingers, City is already there. Bernardo Silva uses a cross pass from Angelino from 13 meters to the right, completely orphaned, he can orient himself and Alisson with a precise conclusion no chance. Only 1: 3. Klopp scolds Klopp-style – the coach had previously seen a foul de Bruyne.

78th minute: The Liverpolese cover vigilantly keeps watch over her crate, which rarely stays clean this season.

75th minute: A quarter of an hour before the end of the air seems to be out of the master. Liverpool consolidates its lead and waits to make the final city-run with another counterattack.

73 minutes: Klopp's route is clear and in the right way: attacks over the wings. The center with Rodrigo and Gundogan is difficult to overcome.

71st minute: Aguero continues his Anfield drought, Jesus replaces him. So striker for striker.

68th minute: Something always blocks City's path to success: Lovren's stabs, Alisson's paws, his own inability. Aguero lacks half a shoe size to be able to lock from six meters – significant.

67th minute: City has more to risk, which offers rooms that Liverpool's counter-artists love so much. Salah trivializes.

65th minute: At least not. Sterling crashes into a three-way fight with Mane and Alexander-Arnold, a shy Mane thrust never reaches for a penalty in England. Sterling is terribly upset, Rodrigo does the same and collects yellow.

64th minute: The game takes a fleeting breather. Can City still answer here?

Mane lets Anfield tremble for the third time

61st minute: First change. Milner takes over instead of Henderson.

60th minute: The next standard for the Guardiola team, the very attentive Alisson hurries out of his case and grabs.

59th minute: Liverpool would continue to extend its lead over City, nine points difference is currently: But: Half an hour is still to go. And City should not be written off.

57th minute: Walker has plenty of field on his right side, van Dijk heads off from the penalty area. There was much more in it for City.

54th minute: In spite of everything, the common spectator is constantly stealing the feeling that City strikes right away. Sterling dribbles, somehow against everyone, Lovren throws himself in the box-squirting tomboy boyish in the lane – and is celebrated by fans and colleagues.

51 minutes: Goal for Liverpool! Answer: The Klopp Elf twitches first! Henderson starts a sprint on the right wing of the track, Mane finds his punk-to-edge cross, who loses control of the second post because Bravo is stuck on the line. 3: 0 for Klopp against Pep!

50th minute: A little calmer start to the second half, both teams practice first in a kind of shadow boxing. Who shrugs first?

48th minute: Gundogan's shot is deflected and lowers to the net, the next corner picks Alisson from the sky.

46 minutes: The ball rolls again, no personnel changes.

Liverpool – ManCity: So ran the first half

45th + 2 minutes: Halftime! Liverpool leads 2-0 against Manchester City in an extremely entertaining game – but this giants duel is far from decided …

45. + 2 minutes: Again Aguero, who comes in a roundabout way into the raffle. Unclean completion, no problem for Alisson.

45th minute: Bravo shows a splendid air show, defending Salah's dive from 20 meters in the dive. What a stirring football game!

44th minute: Raid, xth part. Firmino sends Mane, the ball hops to the heel. Rare technical error.

42nd minute: Manchester sniffs at the first goal. Aguero, who has never met Anfield before, enters the penalty area from the left, tries it on his own – and shoots past the second post by one meter.

39th minute: Walker tries it from a distance and pulls away clearly. Nevertheless Guardiola donates – the Fernschusse yes hates like other dentist visits – promptly strong applause. Encouragement.

Liverpool counterattacks are weapon against City

38th minute: Liverpool's counterattacks are a weapon that City continually hits the mark. Again a quick attack after ball conquest, Alexander-Arnold drives through the center, Firmino aims from twelve meters to the center, Bravo can parry.

36th minute: Similar situation as before the 1: 0. This time, Salah dodged on the left wing again Gundogan clears exactly in the foot of an opponent, this time Firmino, who beats a hook, but shoots clearly over the pike.

33rd minute: Corner of Liverpool, by Salah, by train to the gate. The advanced defender Lovren gets his head back without being able to place the ball decisively. Past.

32nd minute: City has a clear chance advantage, even if it is in this scene is not dicey for Klopp's men. The increasingly active and offensive Angelino slips off a flank.

31 minutes: Salah breaks through on the right side – and then off because he's being overtaken and wants to take Henderson with him. Its cross sails over all.

29 minutes: Almost the connection! Left-back Angelino turns on and fabricates in the left corner of the box a double pass with de Bruyne. Pressed by Van Dijk, Angelino's close ends up in a crooked curve, and the ball would have just turned in the corner – outer post.

26th minute: We can only repeat ourselves: It is incomprehensible how intense this initial phase is. Up and down, technically high quality, no turf chess, rather open visor. A party for football fans.

24th minute: Aguero! The City attacker checks Alisson from 13 yards, the keeper is responsive and fends off to the side.

21 minutes: For the first time a Liverpool attack does not open in the gate. Wijnaldum tries to use Salah from a half-left position, a defensive head is in between.

ManCity makes the game, Liverpool the gates

19 minutes: A little peace, for a change. Manchester's persistent pressure fizzles a bit, Liverpool finds in this game, with more possession and control – something the Klopp team can now, too. The easier it is to combine, of course, if you already lead 2: 0.

16th minute: Fifteen minutes around, and Liverpool presents itself mercilessly efficient. Insanely early phase – because City is actually better.

13 minutes: Goal for Liverpool! City makes the game, Liverpool the gates. Again a counterattack from the left side, Robertson crosses from full speed diagonally into the center, once the ball touches the ground, then completed Salah head – and is not just offside. Dthe roof flies away! And Pep sinks into his seat. What a blast start.

12th minute: Liverpool is ahead, but City sets the tone. De Bruyne chips a free-kick from the right into the center, Sterling slipping by inches on the ball and the likely equalizer.

8th minute: Tempo, duel, dynamics: If it continues like this, it will be a lively evening.

7th minute: First, Bernardo jumps the ball on his arm, only then he touches Alexander-Arnold's arm. Tricky, but probably correctly decided by Oliver. Nevertheless, it is echauffiert Guardiola – understandable from his point of view.

6th: goal for Liverpool! And then that. Fabinho welds the thing from a distance into the mesh. Mane attacks on the left, Salah can not stand on the edge of the box. Gundogan cleans up, but not far enough and on top of that into the center, where Fabinho is allowed to raise unassisted – the rest is a painting of a shot. City's angry handball protests are unsuccessful. 1: 0!

5th minute: Really energetic start of City, here everything takes place in the Liverpool half. Typically English. Manchester reclaimed a hand-play by Alexander-Arnold in the penalty area, the referee's pipe Oliver remains silent.

4th minute: Free kick by de Bruyne, near the right corner flag. Dangerous position, but too shallow stepped, Wijnaldum clears at the expense of the next corner. This comes higher, but finds no taker.

3rd minute: City is initially more active. Sterling pushes against Alexander-Arnold, the Liverpool-Yongster is very adept at his own penalty area and provokes the offensive foul.

1st minute: An injured flank of de Bruyne lowers on the canopy and is still deflected, corner for the guests. Liverpool clarifies in the composite.

5.30 pm: Kick-off!

17:27: The teams enter the lawn, and now it's goose bumps suspicious. "You'll never walk alone", the eternal classic, echoing from the stands. To listen. Amazed. Enjoy.

17:23: Even more imposing sees the balance at home games. At Anfield, Liverpool had a record 48 unbeaten matches in the league.

17.10 clock: Liverpool have been unbeaten in 28 Premier League games, a great series. The last bankruptcy set it – of course – against City. On January 3, the "Reds" lost 1: 2, it was the only defeat of the season 2018/19 – and still cost the title, because in the end a puny little dot was missing.

17:03: In half an hour, it starts, slowly the tension rises. In the meantime, the lists of Klopp and Guardiola have been incorporated. In Liverpool Matip still lacks, so Lovren runs in central defense. City replaces the injured keeper Ederson with Bravo, in the midfield starts Gundogan.

16:34: Already the bus arrival becomes a party. That's how it works in Liverpool.

15:37: Welcome to the live ticker of FOCUS Online! From 17.30 clock are facing Liverpool and Manchester City to the top match of the Premier League.

Liverpool coach Jurgen Klopp said before the Premier League home game against defending Manchester City euphoric about his team. "I could not be more proud of what this team has done and continues to do," said Klopp in the matchday program. "Liverpool FC are so lucky to have this exceptional group of people representing and competing for the club right now, they are special, each and every one of them."

With regard to the top match of the leaders against Man City, Klopp spoke cautiously. "We can and should never promise a result," he said, looking at the title. "What we can promise and what they do (the players) Deliver on a regular basis, is that the team, no matter what players today in the lineup, will give everything. These players do not know it differently, they give everything and nothing less when they compete for Liverpool. "

Funky scene in the video: Hoeneb calls in TV round and folds experts together

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