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It has been, perhaps, one of the most anticipated events in the history of Instagram and YouTube, not only because of their names on these virtual platforms, but also because of the millionaire and profitability that resulted from the use of new technologies. And it is that the most important event of social networks took place yesterday between two of the most important influencers of the moment: Logan paul Y KSI, who had a tough boxing fight, full seats, to define who is the best.

The meeting was held as a rematch (the first fight took place in the Manchester Arena for 20 thousand people, where both youtubers ended up tied) in the Staples Center of Los Angeles with locations full of fans of both influencers who, only in Youtube, have a total of 40 million subscribers.

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Logan Paul vs KSI before the second fight

The event was PPV (pay to see) and broke the expectations of tuning the first match (which exceeded one million viewers), as well as all locations in the venue were sold for 21 thousand seats.

The fight was a show since before the initial bell. Logan paul, playing the role of the bad boy he entered as a villain of movies, which earned him the massive boo of the audience.

The rematch took place in Los Angeles

For its part, KSI He entered with a black and red mask. He was not going alone, because he had the rapper's accompaniment Rick Ross who sang “Down Like That” throughout his journey to the ring.

Who also caused much surprise was the Canadian Justin Bieber, who was seen in the corner of Logan paul wearing a yellow shirt, and the one in charge of giving the ovation to the popular American yotuber.

Justin Bieber accompanied Logan Paul

During the first four rounds, KSI He was the absolute master of the ring. He dominated the fight against a Logan paul With little capacity to respond to the opponent.

But nevertheless, Logan paul would find a space to corner KSI and give him a series of uppercuts but, little by little, the balance was tilted again in favor of the British, especially when the American youtuber took two points for hitting the opponent while he was retiring.

KSI dominated the first four rounds

The end of the fight ended up giving as winner KSI by a narrow margin of points, whereby the youtuber British received massive applause from attendees. Despite the result, both influencers gave each other an affectionate hug, demonstrating that it was nothing more than an entertainment event.

When both YouTube and Instagram personalities were asked if they would repeat a third fight, KSI He said: “It's over. I'm already in what follows ”; on the other hand, Logan paul He said: “I would love to fight with KSI again. These have been the best moments of my life. ”

KSI ended up beating Logan Paul

In their respective Instagram accounts, both influencers were in charge of promoting their fight, as well as transmitting the previous one in their channels of Youtube, which earned them millions of views around the globe.

Logan Paul's post on Instagram

For his part, Justin Bieber, as stories of Instagram, also manifested after participating in this fight. For the Canadian, the best on the ring was Logan paul.

Justin Bieber Instagram Stories

The fight, not only a success for youtubers by way of expanding their fame, was also a more than profitable business, since it exceeded the numbers made in the first meeting of 2018. Not only that, it is known that the duel lasts in the Manchester Arena, KSI would have charged a millionaire sum, the same as his own Logan paul.

KSI post on Instagram

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