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On November 8, 2019, it was time again – the charity stream Loot for the World was launched for the sixth time. With the usual starting grid consisting of LeFloid, Frodoapparat, the Space Frogs and RobBubble this time was 24 hours continuously streamed for charity. What exactly Loot is about for the world, when and how the livestream can be called up and what else you need to know about the web event can be found in our overview.

What is loot for the world?

Loot for the World is a fundraiser initiated by some Youtubers from Germany. The title derives from the English "Loot", to German as much as "booty". The term is often used in gaming especially when it comes to collecting as many items and treasures as possible. The title can therefore be understood that the participants of the donation stream want to collect as much money as possible in order to donate this charitable to various organizations. This year, Green Forest Fund, Eva's stop and the shelter Berlin are supported by the revenue.

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Loot for the World 2014 took place for the first time. Since then, the event is held annually. In 2018, the team was able to collect around 239,000 euros together with the spectators, which were equally distributed to One Earth – One Ocean, the children's charity and the Berlin shelter. Over the past five years, LFDW has raised a whopping 755,000 euros. For this year LeFloid, Space Frogs and Co. say:

"The goal for #LFDW 2019 is so clear that MILLION FULL!"

# LFDW6: When will Loot take place for World 6?

Loot for the world 6 will be streamed again. As in the past year, the livestream will take place again in November.

  • Loot for the world 6 starts on Friday, November 8, 2019.
  • The livestream starts at 8pm.
  • The pre-show starts already at 18 o'clock, from this time the stream is callable.

How long does Loot take for the world 2019?

Loot for the world is created for 24 hours. Meanwhile, gambling, interacting with the community and streaming throughout. In the past, the fundraising stream was set at 48 hours, that is, two full days – but this year the format should be just one day, so that the content is more concentrated and the viewers get as much of the stream as possible.

Streaming plan for LFDW6

For Friday and Saturday, a program schedule was provided. There, viewers can see exactly when each game in the mainstream or gaming stream is the turn.

Where can I call the stream of loot for world 6?

The livestream of Loot for the World 2019 is shown in three variants. First the main stream, then a community stream and finally a gaming stream. These are divided as follows:

Mainstream on Twitch and Youtube:

In the mainstream all possible actions of the event meet. Live music, board games, multiplayer tournaments and much more await the spectators.

Gaming stream on Twitch and Youtube:

This is where the classic stream of PC and console games takes place, hosting both hosts and guests.

Community Stream on Twitch and Youtube:

In the community stream there is a lot of interaction with the audience, be it through comments or social media. Questions are answered, talk-rounds with guests are planned and fanfictions are read out. In the community stream, there is no fixed program, so that much unforeseen things can happen.

These are the participants of Loot for the world

  • LeFloid (Florian Mundt)
  • Frodoapparat (Max Kruger)
  • Space Frogs (Fabian "Rick" Rieck & Steven "Steve" Schuto)
  • RobBubble (Robin Bubble)

In addition, numerous guests – including many youtube and streaming colleagues – are part of the donation stream, but they are not yet known.

Another charity stream in Germany: Friendly Fire

In addition to Loot for the World, there is another well-known German donation stream, Friendly Fire, which takes place annually. The action was initiated by the Youtubers Gronkh, Pandorya, Team Pietsmiet, Heider, fisHCop, PhunkRoyal and MrMoreGame.

This lineup has been around since the first Friendly Fire in 2015, but is repeatedly supported by various visitors from the German Youtube and streaming room – also parts of Loot for the world, such as the Space Frogs or Frodoapparat, were already there. In 2018 the Friendly Fire donation stream took place on December 8, and a re-broadcast is planned for 2019 as well.

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