Los Palmeras and "Soy Sabalero" was the emotional moment of Columbus's afternoon in Paraguay


Yesterday, in the final of the South American Cup despite the defeat of Columbus in the final against Indepediente del Valle de Ecuador, there was a tremendously emotional moment.

Los Palmeras with its two hits that thrilled Columbus fans

“La Nueva Olla” from Paraguay dressed in “mourning and blood” and the Ecuadorian group La Vagancia surprised Argentine fans. But the theme of Los Palmeras was the one that made the feelings explode. "I am Sabalero" mobilized hearts, the public could not contain the tears or stand still, danced and sang along with the well-known Santa Fe group.

"Santa Fe arrives," said Cacho Deicas when the Assassin Bombon began to sound and a deafening ovation was enough to understand that 900 kilometers from Santa Fe, Columbus was local again.

More than 35 thousand fans were cited in Asuncion, Paraguay. He got excited, enjoyed and cried, but the most important thing was that he endured. The defeat did not matter, the fans thanked the same.

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