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Major victory of Dallas Mavericks before Memphis Grizzlies. Necessary after the night before, the Texans fell like locals in front of the last one of the Eastern Conference, the New York Knicks, despite another triple-double of Luka Doncic. For Dallas it was time to recover the good feelings.

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The Slovenian signed another great game and if he didn't get a new triple-double it was because in the last quarter he stayed resting. Dallas beat the Grizzlies comfortably and Rick Carlisle chose to give other players minutes. Doncic finished with 24 points, 14 rebounds, 8 assists and 2 steals in just 29 minutes in the victory for 138-122.

"We needed a victory, so that's all that matters. We come from a home game that we lost to New York Knicks, so We had to improve and win the game. And we have done it".

Luka highlighted the collective effort on a night in which several secondary players were key, supplying the absence of Kristaps Porzingis. "It was a great game and we needed to recover. This has been a team effort and so we got one more victory.".

Seth Curry left with 16 points and a 3 of 7 in triples, good game of a very special shooter that comes from pearls to the Mavs next to a profile like Doncic. "He's a great shooter and he's going to get those shots. We believe in him and if we keep getting him to have those pitches, he's going to get them.", added the former Real Madrid player about Curry.

Carlisle highlighted the work on the boards, battle they won 47-39 and that helped them a lot. Outside players like Luka himself, Delon Wright (7) or Justin Jackson (4) They contributed a lot in this regard.

"We had a lot of guys involved and the way we went up and down the pace, that's how with many of your outside players with intensity around the basket. We were able to score many points in those situations (the rebounds) from our perimeter positions, and if we can get 22-24 rebounds from the outside we will have the opportunity to compete with anyone on the boards".

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