Lula challenges Bolsonaro: "back and in the fight" – 11/10/2019


Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva he sent him yesterday Saturday, one day after leaving prison, a message and almost a challenge to the president Jair Bolsonaro and said he is "back" and "in the fight" for Brazil.

"They don't know how much I want to fight for this country" and for "the workers," Lula told thousands of people gathered in front of the headquarters of the metallurgical union from São Bernardo do Campo, one day after being released thanks to a decision of the Supreme Federal Court.

About him Ex leader He continues to weigh an eight-year sentence for corruption, ratified in three instances, but he still has a pending appeal, which framed in the new decision of the Supreme Court, according to which a person can only go to prison once it ends completely the appeals process and not after the second instance conviction as happened in the case of Lula.

On Friday, upon leaving the prison where he remained for 580 days, Lula had already implied that he intends to swell opposition to the Government of Bolsonaro, leader of an extreme right who grew up in the country in the heat of corruption scandals that occurred during the management of Lula and her successor Dilma Rousseff.


Yesterday, in front of thousands of followers, he was much more direct and affirmed that he will “go back for everything Brazil, because it’s not possible for us to live in a country where the rich get richer and the poor are always poorer, ”which he attributed to the Minister of Economy, Paulo Guedes, whom he described as "dream destroyer".

“We have seen what is happening in Chile. which is the country model that Guedes wants to implement here, ”he said.

He pointed against the president of the United States, Donald Trump by pointing out “to worry about Americans and not bother Latin Americans. He was not chosen to be the ‘sherif’ of the world. ”

It was also said "sure" that, in 2022, when the next presidential elections are held, "the left call that Bolsonaro is so afraid of is going to defeat the extreme right that he is ruling today."

Without regard, he attacked the economic policies of Bolsonaro and especially its impact on the most needy, and assured that he intends to travel the country to remember that he already proved that “it is possible to govern for the most needy people”, “take the poor to the universities ”and generate employment and prosperity.

Lula, who abandoned the act loaded by supporters, also stated that Bolsonaro You should clarify if you have links with the para-police groups known as “militias” that operate in the city of Rio de Janeiro and are suspected of having ordered the murder of the councilwoman Marielle Franco, occurred in March 2018.

Lula also admitted that he still has several pending cases in Justice, but said they are nothing more than "a lie behind another."

Similarly, he declared that, in April 2018, he chose to go to jail after being “unjustly convicted” instead of choosing exile, because he needed to “prove the lie” against him. “I could have gone to an embassy, ​​to another country, but I needed to prove the lie and that Sergio Moro (today Minister of Justice who convicted him at the time) was not a judge, but a scoundrel, ”he said.

He stressed that "if he had left Brazil" when his prison was ordered "he would be treated as a fugitive," and insisted that he has "a clear conscience" and feels "free as a little bird."

"I sleep with the clear conscience of fair and honest men" and "I doubt that Moro sleeps like this, that prosecutors sleep like this, that Bolsonaro sleeps like that," he said.

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